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What is the purpose of Australian Plays?

On our website you can learn about Australian plays and playwrights, purchase scripts and license productions. You can also watch some of the interviews filmed for our Red Door imprint, explore our Collections including Playbox 1990 - 2004, or read an essay in our State of Play series written by some of the leading voices in Australian Theatre.

Australian plays and playwrights are at the core of all our activities.  We support Australian playwrights by publishing and licensing their plays, and by promoting and supporting their work with producers and educators nationally and internationally.

What type of plays are sold on the site?

Well-crafted, production-ready plays that cover a wide variety of themes, styles and formats. The vast majority have been professionally produced and many have won significant awards.

How can I find the play that best matches my interests?

You can use our extensive search facilities to find plays that meet a range of criteria. You can enter a play title or playwright's name in the home page search box. You can also click 'Find a play' on the homepage which will take you to the script search screen. Here, you can browse by play title or author, search by keywords, categories, suppliers, target audience, length, and cast age, size and gender.  The playwrights A-Z tab on the top right of the homepage allows you to browse alphabetically by playwright and the plays A-Z tab above it enables you to browse by title.

Why are some plays available in digital format while others are available only as print-published books?

Scripts on the website come from several different suppliers, such as the Australian Script Centre, Currency Press and Playlab Press. Many titles are only published in book form at present but this is changing and the number of titles available in digital formats is steadily increasing. Scripts in the Australian Script Centre's catalogue are all available as digital downloads.

What if I can't find the play I'm looking for?

We may be able to help you locate the play through another publisher. If the play you’re looking for is unpublished, we may be able to contact the playwright on your behalf and arrange for a copy of the play to be made available to you. Contact us with your query.

Some of the playscripts for sale are in manuscript form while others are published as proper books. How can I tell what I’m buying?

If the script is in the Australian Script Centre catalogue, it will arrive in the form of an electronic (PDF) file of the manuscript as provided by the playwright. All other suppliers to the site are traditional publishers, most of whose titles are published in book form.

Why is it that some plays on the site have extracts available while others don't?

The availability of extracts is at the discretion of the relevant supplier. We provide extracts wherever possible.

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How do I buy a playscript?

First, select your plays and add them to your shopping cart. Once you’ve completed your selections and are ready to proceed to checkout, click on the 'My Cart' button (with trolley icon) to the right of the screen. Review your order and, if you are satisfied, follow the ‘Continue’ prompts which will guide you through the process of confirming and processing payment for your order.

For scripts ordered in digital format, once payment is processed you will receive a download link on the final page of the checkout process and, within minutes, you'll be sent an emailed receipt that also contains a link to your script download. If you don't receive this email, see the next question below.

For orders in print format, you should allow up to 14 days for dispatch and delivery from the relevant supplier. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about delivery of your order.

I haven't received the link to download my PDF script. What do I do?

In addition to any transaction receipts from our payment service providers (such as PayPal), you'll be sent an order receipt with the subject 'Your order details -'.

Check to see that you have received this email. It will contain an instruction and a link to download any purchases that are made available electronically (items marked with *).

We would normally expect that you receive this email within minutes. If it has not been received after an hour, check your junk/spam folder and if you can't find it there please contact us

Which postal service provider do you use?

Depending on the quantity of your order, goods will be sent via courier or using Australia Post (and its contracted carriers). Unfortunately we are not able to provide a tracking number for most orders.

How much does postage cost?

Our shopping cart facility will calculate postage and handling payable on your order when you fill in your delivery details and click 'calculate'. FREE DELIVERY is offered for purchases where the value of goods is greater than $150. 

Why do plays purchased in one transaction sometimes arrive separately?

Australian Plays is a shopfront for a collective of independent Australian publishers and goods are shipped directly from their respective offices. It is for this reason that goods purchased in a single order may arrive separately.

How much do the playscripts cost?

Prices vary according to format and publisher. Hardcopy prices range from about $15 to $30, plus postage and handling. Scripts in PDF format generally sell for between $10 and $19.  All prices on this site are quoted in Australian dollars and include GST for Australian customers. 

Do I need to use a credit card in order to buy products from this site?

No. In addition to PayPal and credit card, we also allow shoppers to generate an invoice for their order, payable by cheque or direct deposit. This payment method incurs a $4 transaction fee and goods are dispatched upon receipt of payment. Standard and Premium Organisation Subscription holders receive access to this payment method without incurring an additional transaction fee.

Is my credit card and other personal information secure?

Absolutely! does not hold any credit card information, as it is handled by PayPal or eWay. For more information on issues associated with credit card security, visit the online PayPal Security System or eWay to find out more.

I am having trouble with a financial transaction on this site. What should I do now?

Please contact us for assistance.

Do I need to pay in Australian dollars?

All prices on this site are quoted in Australian dollars. If you are an overseas customer, our shopping cart will debit the equivalent amount in Australian dollars from your credit card account. For the benefit of our overseas customers, we have included a link to a currency converter in the cart, so you can work out the price of orders in your local currency.

What happens if a play I have ordered from this site is no longer available?

We make every effort to ensure that titles are promptly removed from the site if they become unavailable but orders for unavailable titles may occasionally slip through the net. In this event, we will contact you to advise when the title will become available or to arrange a refund.

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What is a Subscription?

A Subscription is a paid feature of Australian Plays that allows users to read the full text of large number of scripts online. A Subscription is a great resource that allows you explore the depth and diversity of Australian playwriting while taking the guess work out of your next script purchase. You can also build a personal reading list with notes and earn points toward free scripts.

Do I need to a Subscription in order to buy a play?

No, anyone can access the online catalogue and buy a play from this site.

How do I find scripts to read with my Subscription?

When you have logged in with your username and password, you can search for scripts as you would normally; using the simple search field in the top right hand corner of the site. Within your search results, a green dot next to the title indicates scripts that are available to read online with your subscription. Simply visit a highlighted script's product information page by clicking on the title of the play and look for the 'preview full script' button. 

Why isn't the play I want to read available online?

Although most of the titles listed on can be read online with a Subscription (approximately 80% or 1800+ titles), the availability of digital copies and differing agreements with our partnering publishers mean that some scripts are not available for online reading.

What are the costs and benefits of a Subscription?

Subscriptions range from $15 for an Individual one-month pass, to $60 for a Multi-User twelve-month pass. You can find out about our different Subscription options here.

If I submit my email address to this site, will you share or on-sell to a third party?

No, we will never share or sell your details. Please refer to our privacy policy for more on this matter.

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Can I order one play from this site and make additional copies of the play for the cast and crew?

You are not permitted by law to reproduce more than 10% of any of the scripts on this site without permission from the copyright holder. This includes representatives of institutions covered by a Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) copy licence. Permission to make multiple copies of scripts purchased in digital format can be arranged by adding a copy license to your trolley when you purchase the script or later by completing and returning the photocopy licence form attached to the front of your script. Permission to copy whole scripts that are published in book form must be arranged directly with the relevant publisher.

If in doubt, please contact us.

If I buy a copy licence to a play, does this mean that I have the right to produce the play?

No. Before producing a play, you must first obtain production rights for the play and arrange to pay royalties to the playwright or his/her agent.

If I am not charging admission to a play, do I need to pay royalties?

In most cases, yes. Typically, playwrights and agents do offer a reduced rate for school and amateur productions. The production royalty payable is a matter for negotiation between yourself and the relevant rightsholder which is usually the playwright or their agent. We strongly support the principle of playwrights being paid for all productions of their work.

Can I obtain production rights for a play from this website?

We are here to help you secure performance rights for all plays in our catalogue.  Many of them are licensed quickly and simply in-house; for others we will promptly put you in touch with the relevant playwright or agency. Just click on the ‘Production Rights’ icon for your chosen script and submit the short form, including  information about the dates, number of performances, venue and nature of your proposed production.

Further information about production rights is available under rights and royalties.

How do I get in touch with a playwright whose work is featured on the site?

We can forward a message to the playwright or their agent on your behalf. Simply send us an email and mark it for the attention of the relevant playwright. If we do not have contact details for a particular playwright, we will let you know.

I wish to direct one of the plays I have purchased from this site. Can I cut down or otherwise change the wording in the script?

We strongly support playwrights' moral right to attribution and integrity. This means that any use of scripts sold on this site must acknowledge the playwright and preserve the integrity of the work in the form provided by the playwright. No alterations may be made to a script without first obtaining permission from the playwright or his/her agent.

I am interested in making a film of one of the plays in your catalogue. How do I obtain the film rights?

You will need to contact the playwright or his/her agent. For contact information, please contact us.

I belong to an organisation that holds a Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) copy licence. Doesn’t that cover me for photocopying the script?

Not the whole script. CAL licences only cover copying within the limitations of the Australian Copyright Act 1968. As a general guide, this only includes up to 10% of a work, not the entire work. If you intend to produce the play you will also need to negotiate production rights with the playwright or their agent.

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How do I submit my play for inclusion on this site?

Please consult our information for playwrights or contact us with a specific query.

I am a publisher of Australian playscripts. Can I sell plays on this site?

If you are a publisher of contemporary Australian plays and would like to sell your works on this site, we welcome your enquiry. Please contact us.