Griffin Award winner is Vivienne Walshe

13 Jun 2012

Announced in Sydney last night


The winner of the 2012 Griffin Award is Vivienne Walshe. Her script, This is Where We Live, follows the story of two reclusive high school students in rural Australia.

Griffin Artistic Director, Sam Strong says:

”'Authentic voice' is one of playwriting’s most frequently used terms but, in the case of Vivienne Walshe, it is spot on. Her language is one of a kind: muscular, vivid and instantly evocative. In a compressed and riveting piece, Vivienne plunges us headlong into the intense heart of teenage experience."

Vivienne Walshe graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in 1997 and is also an actor. She is a recipient of Malcolm Robertson Prize and the inaugural Max Afford Award and has recently completed a novel.

Her appreciative response, quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald today:

"The playwright goes through periods of just very quietly working away in your bunker somewhere—you don't always get a win. In fact, in life you don't always get a win. It's good to be the winner for a moment.''

She's also 

quoted as saying that the play was almost programed by the Royal Court Theatre in London but turned out to be 'too Australian.'

The other five shortlisted plays this year were:

Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography by Declan Greene

All Over by Kit Brookman

Savages by Patricia Cornelius

Scowl by Angus Cerini

Lavender Bay by Alana Valentine

The Griffin Award recognises an outstanding play or performance text that displays an authentic, inventive and contemporary voice. Plays or performance texts submitted may be original ideas or adaptations from other forms.

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More info about the award can be found here, on the Griffin Theatre website.

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