EnterStage Write at Jute Theatre

22 Dec 2009


The regional theatre company Jute dedicated to nourishing the theatre of regional of Australia. This week saw it launch its 2010 EnterStage Write Program, dedicated to new and emerging playwrights.

The program is driven by a commitment to develop quality new work to be produced by JUTE Theatre and its co-producers throughout Australia’s regions.

Established in Cairns in 1992, JUTE is a significant regional theatre company driving the development, co-production and national and global touring of contemporary Australian plays from the regions.It is committed to a flourishing regional theatre sector and drives strategies at local, state and national levels for the development of this sector.

JUTE has a strong commitment to professional development for regional practitioners across the nation and provides opportunities to break down the isolation felt by these practitioners, leading to collaboration, co-productions and touring of new regional work. All work generated by JUTE and its co-producers starts with development of work through the annual script development programs.

Its multi award-winning programs support regional playwrights at a local, state and national level and use best practice models to ensure quality skills and script development with a view to eventual production of distinctive scripts.

With 40% of Australia’s population living in the regions, and as more people move to regional centres, the JUTE is aware of its role in nurturing the vibrancy of these communities. JUTE believes there is a distinctiveness and validity of work taking place in regional centres that should stand beside metropolitan work, creating a rich ecology in the theatre sector.

ESW is one of the most ambitious writing development and production programs of its type.

Each year the program offers a number of entry levels from beginners to mature writers with workshops and dramaturgical sessions running throughout the year. The ESW program culminates each year in the National Regional Playwrights & Theatre Makers Conference, which enables playwrights to meet and present readings of their script to key industry people from across Australia.

Enter Stage Write has been developing regional playwrights skills, and producing new works since 2001. The program has been successful in supporting writers who would otherwise not have access to these resources.

The program is for those wishing to pursue a professional career in performance writing. The New &/or Emerging Stream of the program supports writers new to the performance writing form.

The application deadline is 12 February 2010. The program commenced 25 March 2010

guidelines and program criteria are online for the New and/or Emerging Writers Program. For further information about JUTE visit their website at www.jute.com.au

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