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6 Jun 2012

AustralianPlays.org spotlights a playwright in the media this week


I’ve often been asked if I would ever go to the US. I’ve never felt the need to. My place is here. I’m really happy to be working on a new Australian play rather than the latest episode of CSI...That’s not really my thing. I like to nurture and tell Australian stories.


Playwright and actor Kate Mulvany was profiled by the ABC's Australian Story on 4 June.

The program focused some of Kate's personal trials, including her childhood illness and the sudden death of her partner, actor Mark Priestley, in 2008.

It also highlighted her creative trajectory, from a imaginative child who would change the ending of her picture books to an award-winning playwright of works like The Seed and The Web and a performing career on stage and screen.

The Seed, a very personal piece, is in part a response to her father Danny's experiences as a Vietnam War veteren, including dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder over many years.

"The toughest thing about writing The Seed was also the best thing, and that was finally asking my Dad the big questions.... In researching [the play], I went to a lot of Vietnam veterans and their families and their children, and realising that this was a more common story than I had ever thought kind of punched it out for me."


If you're in Australia you can watch this episode of Australian Story here.

The transcript is available here.

Kate Mulvany is currently performing in the Bell Shakespeare production of Macbeth in Melbourne:

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