Newly listed titles


21 Jan 2020  FENCING by Joy Hinckley add to cart
15 Jan 2020  FAMILY VALUES by David Williamson add to cart
10 Jan 2020  BUTTERFLY KICKS by Jamila Main add to cart
10 Jan 2020  SWIMMING IN CIRCLES by Janet Brown add to cart
6 Jan 2020  TOGETHER by Michael Sams add to cart
2 Jan 2020  RON AND ISOBEL by Anna Lall add to cart
2 Jan 2020  MY BRILLIANT CAREER by Christine Davey add to cart
2 Jan 2020  SEED BOMB by Daniela Giorgi add to cart
19 Dec 2019  WHISPERING DEATH by Matt Cameron add to cart
12 Dec 2019  WHEN SHALL WE THREE MEET AGAIN? by James Watson add to cart
12 Dec 2019  THE LAST BOY ON EARTH by Brendan Hogan add to cart
12 Dec 2019  THE LUCAS CONUNDRUM by Gabriel Bergmoser add to cart
12 Dec 2019  CLINCHFIELD by Caleb Lewis add to cart
10 Dec 2019  WORLD PROBLEMS by Emma Mary Hall add to cart
10 Dec 2019  HOLY CLAPPERS: A STORY OF FOLLY AND STUPIDITY by Veronica Forsayeth add to cart
9 Dec 2019  THE SISTERS; OR, GALILEO'S PENANCE by Sharmini Kumar add to cart
9 Dec 2019  HEART LINES by Kerry Bowden add to cart
9 Dec 2019  FLIES by Natalie Nunan add to cart
29 Nov 2019  THE TRIAL OF DORIAN GRAY by Gabriel Bergmoser add to cart
27 Nov 2019  PLAY FOR AUSTRALIA by James Lawson et al add to cart
26 Nov 2019  PACKER & SONS by Tommy Murphy limited
8 Nov 2019  THE RIVER AT THE END OF THE ROAD by Caleb Lewis add to cart
7 Nov 2019  SQUAD GOALS by Alexander Bayliss add to cart
4 Nov 2019  I REALLY DON'T CARE by Ron Elisha add to cart
4 Nov 2019  CONDO OSAKA by Lewis Treston add to cart
4 Nov 2019  THE STORM by Liam Ormsby add to cart
4 Nov 2019  MEAN DEEDS by Heather Nimmo add to cart
4 Nov 2019  QUIET FAITH by David Williams add to cart
2 Nov 2019  CELL by Stephen Dedman add to cart
2 Nov 2019  THE SOUND OF WAITING by Mary Anne Butler add to cart
2 Nov 2019  THE ENGLISHMAN'S CASTLE by Kelvin Butcher add to cart
2 Nov 2019  ROCKET MAN by Paul Gilchrist add to cart
31 Oct 2019  DRIVE by Rebecca Meston add to cart
31 Oct 2019  FIRST LOVE IS THE REVOLUTION by Rita Kalnejais add to cart
29 Oct 2019  THE VARIOUS METHODS OF ESCAPE by Amber Spooner add to cart
29 Oct 2019  SHADOWS OF ANGELS by Fleur Murphy add to cart
25 Oct 2019  LOVE YOU HATE YOU DRIVE YOU WILD by Bianca Butler Reynolds add to cart
25 Oct 2019  I HAVE TAKEN A PRISONER by Dorothy Blewett add to cart
25 Oct 2019  HEDDA: A RE-IMAGINING OF HENRIK IBSEN'S HEDDA GABLER by Melissa Bubnic add to cart
25 Oct 2019  DEFINE 'ADULT' by David Burton et al add to cart
25 Oct 2019  BATHORY BEGINS by Emme Hoy et al add to cart
24 Oct 2019  CINDERELLA by Matthew Whittet add to cart
15 Oct 2019  80 MINUTES NO INTERVAL by Travis Cotton add to cart
15 Oct 2019  TWO HEARTS by Laura Lethlean add to cart
15 Oct 2019  21 DOWN by Ron Elisha add to cart
14 Oct 2019  WE ARE THE HIMALAYAS by Mark Langham add to cart
11 Oct 2019  CONTROL by Keziah Warner add to cart
10 Oct 2019  FLY IN - FLY OUT by Heather Nimmo add to cart
8 Oct 2019  ALEKSANDER AND THE ROBOT MAID by Caleb Lewis add to cart
4 Oct 2019  TOO READY MIRROR by Jamaica Zuanetti add to cart
27 Sep 2019  A NEST OF SKUNKS by James Balian et al add to cart
27 Sep 2019  THE BED PARTY by Sophia Davidson Gluyas add to cart
26 Sep 2019  ANTHEM by Andrew Bovell et al add to cart
26 Sep 2019  LOVELY LOVELY SOMETIMES UGLY: FOUR PLAYS by Patricia Cornelius add to cart
26 Sep 2019  YIELDING by Emma Workman add to cart
26 Sep 2019  SAVAGE RIVER by Steve Rodgers add to cart
25 Sep 2019  WORM FARMING by Daniel Widdowson add to cart
25 Sep 2019  DISREGARDING SHE by Thomas Lawton add to cart
23 Sep 2019  BUKAL by Andrea James et al add to cart
20 Sep 2019  RAY'S TEMPEST by Steve Rodgers add to cart
19 Sep 2019  THE TALE OF BROTHER TOBIAS by Leonard Bibby add to cart
19 Sep 2019  THE MIDLANDS by Hannah Malarski add to cart
16 Sep 2019  CHOICES by Bliss Coster add to cart
16 Sep 2019  LOVE LIES by Frances Bowick add to cart
16 Sep 2019  DRAMATIC REACTION: A THEATRICAL LAMPOON by Samsara Dunston add to cart
15 Sep 2019  THE IRRESISTIBLE by Adriane Daff et al add to cart
15 Sep 2019  SPLINTER by Hilary Bell add to cart
15 Sep 2019  A GHOST IN MY SUITCASE by Vanessa Bates add to cart
13 Sep 2019  THE SHANKILL BUTCHER'S HAVIN' TEA by Helayne Short add to cart
12 Sep 2019  RUR_2020 by Rohan Byrne add to cart
12 Sep 2019  THE SHOW MUST GO ON by Robyn Bishop add to cart
12 Sep 2019  THE MAGNIFICENT GIRL by Elizabeth Tyson-Doneley add to cart
10 Sep 2019  WILD CHERRIES by Daniel Keene add to cart
10 Sep 2019  THE BECOMING by Katie Pollock add to cart
10 Sep 2019  THE SEASON AT SARSAPARILLA by Patrick White add to cart
9 Sep 2019  I MUST NOT TELL LIES by Tiffany Barton add to cart
7 Sep 2019  GONE VIRAL by Sally Hardy add to cart
3 Sep 2019  HERE WE ALL ARE. ASSEMBLED. by Kathryn Ash add to cart
2 Sep 2019  RAVAGED by Kylie Rackham add to cart
30 Aug 2019  PETS DAY by Celeste Walters add to cart
29 Aug 2019  UNDERGROUND by Christine Croyden add to cart
23 Aug 2019  THE VAN DE MAAR PAPERS by Alexander Lee-Rekers add to cart
19 Aug 2019  GENESIS by William Hinz add to cart
16 Aug 2019  AUSTRALIAN REALNESS by Zoey Dawson add to cart
15 Aug 2019  DANNY FISHER by Matthew Ryan add to cart
13 Aug 2019  TCHEKOV AT THE HOUSE OF SPECIAL PURPOSE by R Johns add to cart
6 Aug 2019  ORDINARY AUSTRALIANS by Joachim Matschoss add to cart
6 Aug 2019  A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN BY VIRGINIA WOOLF by Peta Hanrahan add to cart
6 Aug 2019  KICKER THOMPSON by Julia Jarel add to cart
6 Aug 2019  CITY OF GOLD by Meyne Wyatt add to cart
2 Aug 2019  THE VILLAGE by Cieavash Arean et al add to cart
2 Aug 2019  LYSA AND THE FREEBORN DAMES by Claire Christian add to cart
2 Aug 2019  MEDEA by Suzie Miller add to cart
1 Aug 2019  THE OTHER PLACE by Christopher Bryant add to cart
1 Aug 2019  THE MUTANT MAN by Christopher Bryant add to cart
1 Aug 2019  ONE THE BEAR by Candy Bowers add to cart
1 Aug 2019  DAVID WILLIAMSON: COLLECTED PLAYS VOLUME V by David Williamson add to cart
1 Aug 2019  WONDERED by Elodie Boal add to cart
1 Aug 2019  GALILEE by Christine Evans add to cart