Newly listed titles


15 Jan 2021  CRACKED by Barbara Hostalek add to cart
11 Jan 2021  EATING POMEGRANATES by Margaret Davis et al add to cart
11 Jan 2021  MI:WI 3027 by Glenn Shea add to cart
7 Jan 2021  SUNSHINE SUPER GIRL by Andrea James add to cart
5 Jan 2021  BROKEN RIVER by Tony Reck add to cart
5 Jan 2021  BLACK BOOK ANGEL by Ryan Enniss add to cart
5 Jan 2021  PIT by Jackson Used add to cart
5 Jan 2021  BETWEEN THE STREETLIGHT AND THE MOON by Melita Rowston add to cart
4 Jan 2021  UNDER MY BED by Ruth Pieloor add to cart
24 Dec 2020  COUNTING AND CRACKING by S. Shakthidharan add to cart
24 Dec 2020  GOOD MUSLIM BOY by Osamah Sami et al add to cart
24 Dec 2020  SOLITARY ANIMALS by Elaine Acworth add to cart
24 Dec 2020  SOMETIMES IT'S HOT LIKE THE SUN by Madeleine Border et al add to cart
24 Dec 2020  FRAGMENTS by Maura Pierlot add to cart
24 Dec 2020  EUROPE by Michael Gow add to cart
20 Dec 2020  POPULAR FRONT by Errol O'Neill add to cart
18 Dec 2020  I HATE YOU MY MOTHER by Jeanette Cronin add to cart
18 Dec 2020  REST by Jeanette Cronin add to cart
4 Dec 2020  A HOLE IN THE GROUND by Janet Brown et al add to cart
4 Dec 2020  GIRL WILD by Anni Finsterer add to cart
27 Nov 2020  ARBUS AND WEST by Stephen Sewell add to cart
27 Nov 2020  THE HOLIDAYS by David Megarrity add to cart
27 Nov 2020  FROM DARKNESS by Steven Oliver add to cart
26 Nov 2020  TAKE TWO: A COMEDY OF ERRORS by Hilary Bell add to cart
19 Nov 2020  SCHOOL OF SHARKS by Jessica Bellamy add to cart
11 Nov 2020  THE WILD RIDE by Kate Macdessi add to cart
10 Nov 2020  THIGH GAP by Jamaica Zuanetti add to cart
10 Nov 2020  WHAT RHYMES WITH CARS AND GIRLS by Aidan Fennessy et al add to cart
6 Nov 2020  DIRT CLOUD by Mari Lourey add to cart
5 Nov 2020  CRISTINA IN THE CUPBOARD by Paul Gilchrist add to cart
5 Nov 2020  THE MYSTERY PROJECT by Maxine Mellor add to cart
5 Nov 2020  SOMETHING MORE THAN NIGHT by Mary-Anne Gifford add to cart
4 Nov 2020  WICKED SISTERS by Alma De Groen add to cart
3 Nov 2020  DRESDEN by Justin Fleming add to cart
3 Nov 2020  SAUL & DAZZLE by NoĆ«lle Janaczewska add to cart
3 Nov 2020  CATHERINE AT AVIGNON by Paul Gilchrist add to cart
2 Nov 2020  DARE OR TRUTH by Suzanne Hauser add to cart
1 Nov 2020  THE FEVER AND THE FRET by Jub Clerc add to cart
1 Nov 2020  THE DALY RIVER GIRL by Tessa Rose add to cart
30 Oct 2020  ABSORPTION by Hayley Lawson-Smith add to cart
30 Oct 2020  THE SURGEON'S HANDS by Alison Mann add to cart
29 Oct 2020  THE MARES by Kate Mulvany add to cart
26 Oct 2020  BLUE ECOLOGIES by Dylan Van Den Berg et al limited
15 Oct 2020  SLEEPING HORSES LIE by Maxine Mellor add to cart
29 Sep 2020  LOST BOYS by Lachlan Philpott add to cart
29 Sep 2020  AWAKENING by Daniel Lammin add to cart
24 Sep 2020  LITTLE GIRLS ALONE IN THE WOOD by Morgan Rose add to cart
23 Sep 2020  SUPERHEROES by Mark Rogers add to cart
17 Sep 2020  MARY STUART by Kate Mulvany add to cart
16 Sep 2020  INSIDE THE ISLAND by Louis Nowra add to cart
16 Sep 2020  I'LL BE IN ON THAT by Anne Harvey add to cart
16 Sep 2020  POTIPHAR'S WIFE by FF Piano (the pen name of Margot Hilton) add to cart
16 Sep 2020  FLASH JIM VAUX by Ron Blair add to cart
16 Sep 2020  GOING HOME by Alma De Groen add to cart
15 Sep 2020  PROMISCUOUS/CITIES by Lachlan Philpott add to cart
1 Sep 2020  THE ACCIDENTAL POKE by John Romeril add to cart
1 Sep 2020  PINBALL by Alison Lyssa limited
26 Aug 2020  UNDERTOW by Hayden Jones et al add to cart
26 Aug 2020  ANTIGONE by Merlynn Tong add to cart
21 Aug 2020  THE MARGARINE CONSPIRACY by Lissa Benyon add to cart
17 Aug 2020  3 O'CLOCK, FLAGPOLE by Steve Pirie add to cart
1 Aug 2020  THE BOILING FROG by Alison Lyssa add to cart
1 Aug 2020  CUSTOMS AND EXCISE by Jack Hibberd add to cart
1 Aug 2020  THE JOSS ADAMS SHOW by Alma De Groen add to cart
1 Aug 2020  PERFECTLY ALL RIGHT by Alma De Groen add to cart
1 Aug 2020  UPSIDE DOWN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD by David Allen add to cart
1 Aug 2020  THERE WERE GIANTS IN THOSE DAYS by Steve J. Spears add to cart
1 Aug 2020  CHEAPSIDE by David Allen add to cart
1 Aug 2020  YOUNG MO by Steve J. Spears add to cart
1 Aug 2020  THE ELOCUTION OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN by Steve J. Spears add to cart
22 Jul 2020  MAGPIE by Elise Greig add to cart
22 Jul 2020  ROCKPOCALYPSE by Jessica Lamb add to cart