Newly listed titles


18 Apr 2019  DAISY MOON WAS BORN THIS WAY by Emily Sheehan add to cart
18 Apr 2019  THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS by Rosa Campagnaro et al add to cart
16 Apr 2019  JANE AND KEL GO TO HELL by Steve Pirie add to cart
12 Apr 2019  THE LONGEST MINUTE by Robert Kronk et al add to cart
12 Apr 2019  STILL POINT TURNING: THE CATHERINE MCGREGOR STORY by Priscilla Jackman add to cart
10 Apr 2019  FAG/STAG by Jeffrey Jay Fowler et al add to cart
4 Apr 2019  TICKTICKBOOM by Melissa Lee Speyer add to cart
26 Mar 2019  FIERCE by Jane e Thompson add to cart
25 Mar 2019  COMPOSING VENUS by Elaine Acworth add to cart
25 Mar 2019  NINETEEN by Shane Pike add to cart
20 Mar 2019  COLOURED ALIENS by Chi Vu add to cart
20 Mar 2019  THE DEAD TWIN by Chi Vu add to cart
18 Mar 2019  INTERSECTION: ARRIVAL by Hannah Cockroft et al add to cart
18 Mar 2019  DEAD CAT BOUNCE by Mary Rachel Brown add to cart
15 Mar 2019  PINOCCHIO by Christian Bagin, Rosa Campagnaro & Jasper Foley add to cart
15 Mar 2019  THE YELLOW WALLPAPER by Laurence Strangio and Annie Thorold add to cart
15 Mar 2019  THREE LITTLE WORDS by Joanna Murray-Smith add to cart
7 Mar 2019  AS THE CROW FLIES by Julie Fison add to cart
7 Mar 2019  I WOZ ERE by Marg Hickey add to cart
7 Mar 2019  CHASE THE FEELING by Michael Allen add to cart
26 Feb 2019  WONDER FLY by Nick Atkins add to cart
25 Feb 2019  CHARLIE PILGRIM (OR THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO TIME TRAVEL) by Sam O'Sullivan add to cart
22 Feb 2019  THE SHAPE OF MIND by Michael Butler add to cart
21 Feb 2019  THE WILL by Daniel Nellor add to cart
15 Feb 2019  TOAST by Liz Newell add to cart
15 Feb 2019  A THOUSAND WORDS by Hayley Lawson-Smith add to cart
7 Feb 2019  MUM, ME AND THE I.E.D by James Balian et al add to cart
7 Feb 2019  SPRINGSTEEN by Gabriel Bergmoser add to cart
1 Feb 2019  THE MAN WHO BECAME SANTA by Julian Leatherdale add to cart
1 Feb 2019  INDIAN EMBRACE by Carol Dance add to cart
31 Jan 2019  THE SOUL OF WITTGENSTEIN by Ron Elisha add to cart
18 Jan 2019  LAMB by Jane Bodie add to cart
18 Jan 2019  ELEANOR AND MARY ALICE by Peta Tait add to cart
16 Jan 2019  SNEAKYVILLE by Christopher Bryant add to cart
11 Jan 2019  TINY REMARKABLE BRAMBLE by Jessica Tuckwell add to cart
11 Jan 2019  THE TALK by Gita Bezard add to cart
8 Jan 2019  CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR by Christine Evans add to cart
1 Jan 2019  THE PEACE OF ANGELS by John Jennings add to cart
1 Jan 2019  FURTHEST WEST by Michael Andrew Collins add to cart
1 Jan 2019  WE CAN WORK IT OUT by Gabriel Bergmoser add to cart
1 Jan 2019  THE DEVIL'S CARESS by Wendy Lewis add to cart
21 Dec 2018  THE DALY RIVER GIRL by Tessa Rose add to cart
14 Dec 2018  UNSOLICITED MALE by Ron Elisha add to cart
13 Dec 2018  VIRGINS AND COWBOYS by Morgan Rose add to cart
13 Dec 2018  KISS OF THE GALLERY GUARD by Carol Dance add to cart
13 Dec 2018  HEROES by Gabriel Bergmoser add to cart
23 Nov 2018  WESTWARD HO! by Stephen Orr add to cart
23 Nov 2018  SIR BRUCE‚ÄôS SEARCH FOR THE HOLY GRAIL by David Waller add to cart
23 Nov 2018  STORMING MONT ALBERT BY TRAM by Paul Davies add to cart
23 Nov 2018  THE FEVER AND THE FRET by Jub Clerc add to cart
22 Nov 2018  THE LEWIS TRILOGY by Louis Nowra add to cart
13 Nov 2018  ONCE BITTEN by Suzanne Blackwood-Sewell add to cart
13 Nov 2018  THE GODS OF STRANGERS by Elena Carapetis add to cart
2 Nov 2018  AND NOW WE WAIT. by Stephanie Clark add to cart
1 Nov 2018  REASONS TO STAY INSIDE by Katy Warner add to cart
30 Oct 2018  HOLIDAY by Raimondo Cortese add to cart
26 Oct 2018  CLOSE by Kit Brookman add to cart
24 Oct 2018  THE PLANT by Kit Brookman add to cart
23 Oct 2018  BLOOD WEDDING by Raimondo Cortese add to cart
23 Oct 2018  THE THREEPENNY OPERA by Raimondo Cortese add to cart