Newly listed titles


31 Aug 2017  SEX OBJECT by Charlie Falkner add to cart
10 Aug 2017  NEW PERSPECTIVES BUNDLE by Merlynn Tong et al add to cart
10 Aug 2017  THE BOYS OF ST CRISPIAN by Shane Pike add to cart
10 Aug 2017  OEDIPUS DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE by Daniel Evans add to cart
10 Aug 2017  UNDERLAND by Alexandra Collier add to cart
9 Aug 2017  FRAILTY by Sue Ingleton add to cart
9 Aug 2017  BITCH by Wayne Tunks add to cart
9 Aug 2017  TRIGGER WARNING by Sally Richardson add to cart
9 Aug 2017  (DIS)CORD by Ryan Enniss add to cart
9 Aug 2017  JUST OUT OF YOUR GROUND by Bill Reed add to cart
9 Aug 2017  EVERYBODY'S DOIN' IT by Bradley McCaw add to cart
9 Aug 2017  SHIFT by Anna Bennetts add to cart
9 Aug 2017  ROGER'S DAY by Malcolm Purcell add to cart
9 Aug 2017  CERTIFICATE OF LIFE by Ron Elisha add to cart
9 Aug 2017  SUNDAY ROAST by Sue Ingleton add to cart
1 Aug 2017  LAKE DISAPPOINTMENT by Lachlan Philpott add to cart
24 Jul 2017  DRIFT by Tara Clark et al add to cart
19 Jul 2017  SHIT by Patricia Cornelius add to cart
19 Jul 2017  EXTINCTION by Hannie Rayson add to cart
13 Jul 2017  RICE by Michele Lee add to cart
13 Jul 2017  BLUE BONES by Merlynn Tong add to cart
1 Jul 2017  SWEET ROAD by Debra Oswald add to cart
28 Jun 2017  HOW TO LOVE WOMBATS by Anna Lall add to cart
28 Jun 2017  DREAM HOME by Emilie Collyer add to cart
25 Jun 2017  SLOW LOVE by Richard Murphet add to cart
25 Jun 2017  QUICK DEATH by Richard Murphet add to cart
16 Jun 2017  MELBOURNE TALAM by Rashma N. Kalsie add to cart
16 Jun 2017  THINGS I KNOW TO BE TRUE  by Andrew Bovell add to cart
16 Jun 2017  SUNSET STRIP by Suzie Miller limited
16 Jun 2017  ANTIGONE / CYRANO DE BERGERAC by Damien Ryan add to cart
16 Jun 2017  LETTERS TO LINDY by Alana Valentine add to cart
16 Jun 2017  WALKING INTO THE BIGNESS by Richard Frankland add to cart
16 Jun 2017  PARASITES by Ninna Tersman add to cart
29 May 2017  THE DROVER'S WIFE by Leah Purcell add to cart
23 May 2017  GAYBIES by Dean Bryant add to cart
17 May 2017  THE INCREDIBLE HERE AND NOW by Felicity Castagna add to cart
16 May 2017  SMURF IN WANDERLAND by David Williams add to cart
15 May 2017  DOLORES IN THE DEPARTMENT STORE by Richard Murphet add to cart
15 May 2017  THE INHABITED MAN by Richard Murphet add to cart
15 May 2017  THE TREE WIDOWS by Alana Valentine add to cart
15 May 2017  FAG BOY & THE MARRIED GUY by Wayne Tunks add to cart
15 May 2017  REDEMPTION by Anthony Crowley add to cart
15 May 2017  THE TRUTH IS LONGER THAN A LIE by Kieran Carroll add to cart
13 May 2017  PINOKI KNOWS! by Sallie Brockman add to cart
13 May 2017  GLORIA by Elaine Acworth add to cart
9 May 2017  ALIVE AT WILLIAMSTOWN PIER by Neil Cole add to cart
10 Apr 2017  I CAN’T EVEN by Ross Mueller add to cart
6 Apr 2017  THE WORLD WITHOUT BIRDS: A MUSICAL FABLE by Christine Croyden add to cart
5 Apr 2017  NO NUDITY, WEAPONS OR NAKED FLAMES by 7-ON add to cart
3 Apr 2017  METHUSELAH OR TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE by Jack Hibberd add to cart
28 Mar 2017  DRAMAWISE REIMAGINED   by Brad Haseman, John O'Toole add to cart