Newly listed titles


20 Mar 2017  FIGHT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT THE ZOMBIES OF TONIGHT by Matthew Whittet add to cart
20 Mar 2017  MR TAKAHASHI AND OTHER FALLING SECRETS by Sandra Thibodeaux add to cart
20 Mar 2017  MARK COLVIN'S KIDNEY by Tommy Murphy add to cart
20 Mar 2017  INTERSECTION by ATYP: Australian Theatre for Young People add to cart
20 Mar 2017  ENDANGERED: THREE PLAYS by Justine Campbell et al add to cart
20 Mar 2017  DRAMAWISE REIMAGINED   by Brad Haseman, John O'Toole add to cart
20 Mar 2017  COLD LIGHT by Alana Valentine add to cart
20 Mar 2017  AS TOLD BY THE BOYS WHO FED ME APPLES by Rosemary Johns add to cart
20 Mar 2017  MICHAEL SWORDFISH by Lachlan Philpott add to cart
14 Mar 2017  A PAIR OF STAR CROSSED LOVERS by John Doherty add to cart
10 Mar 2017  THE LOST WW1 DIARY by Damian Callinan add to cart
17 Feb 2017  THROUGH THESE LINES by Cheryl Ward add to cart
17 Feb 2017  CONFESSIONS OF A GRINDR ADDICT by Gavin Roach add to cart
17 Feb 2017  JASPER JONES by Kate Mulvany add to cart
17 Feb 2017  GREAT WHITE by Will O'Mahony add to cart
17 Feb 2017  TONSILS + TWEEZERS by Will O'Mahony add to cart
17 Feb 2017  GIRL SHUT YOUR MOUTH by Gita Bezard add to cart
17 Feb 2017  MASTER OF HIS DOMAIN by Virginia Proud add to cart
17 Feb 2017  ANY WOMB WILL DO by Gavin Roach add to cart
13 Feb 2017  MY HENRY LAWSON by Frank Hatherley add to cart
13 Feb 2017  GALLIPOLI: A MANUAL OF TRENCH WARFARE by Clem Gorman add to cart
13 Feb 2017  OPEN FOR INSPECTION by Frank Hatherley add to cart
13 Feb 2017  MANLY MATES by Frank Hatherley add to cart
10 Feb 2017  OUT OF THE ORDINARY by Alex Vickery-Howe limited
1 Feb 2017  NOT IN THE SCRIPT: PERFORMANCE MONOLOGUES by John McCallum add to cart
1 Feb 2017  A STRATEGIC PLAN by Ross Mueller limited
1 Feb 2017  THE TORRENTS by Oriel Gray add to cart
1 Feb 2017  THE SCHOOL DRAMA BOOK by ROBYN EWING et al add to cart
30 Jan 2017  GIRL ASLEEP by Matthew Whittet add to cart
30 Jan 2017  FRACTURE by Lucy Clements add to cart
30 Jan 2017  ONCE WERE PIRATES by Emilie Collyer add to cart
30 Jan 2017  THE DOG OPTION by Les Pearce add to cart
24 Nov 2016  KENNY'S COMING HOME by Ned Manning add to cart
9 Nov 2016  POINT OF NO RETURN by Alaine Beek add to cart
9 Nov 2016  THE SAVAGES OF WIRRAMAI by Sandra Fairthorne add to cart
3 Nov 2016  TALKING TO BRICKWALLS by Claire Christian add to cart
3 Nov 2016  THE SUBLIME by Brendan Cowell add to cart
3 Nov 2016  SUNSHINE by Tom Holloway add to cart
3 Nov 2016  NORTHERN PERSPECTIVES by Stephen Oliver et al add to cart
3 Nov 2016  SAMSON by Julia-Rose Lewis add to cart
3 Nov 2016  SNOW WHITE by Suzie Miller add to cart
3 Nov 2016  PROPELLED by Jane Modric in collaboration with Doug Robins add to cart
3 Nov 2016  DELIRIUM by Amy Bell add to cart
3 Nov 2016  PROPPA SOLID by Stephen Oliver add to cart
3 Nov 2016  THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER by Sandra Eldridge add to cart
2 Nov 2016  HARRY'S BOUNTY by Polly Low add to cart
2 Nov 2016  MORE FEMALE PARTS by Sara Hardy add to cart
2 Nov 2016  HELEN KELLER THE MUSICAL by Jeremy Johnson add to cart
2 Nov 2016  THE GAME by Bradley McCaw add to cart
2 Nov 2016  THE SILVER LINING by Michael Butler add to cart
2 Nov 2016  THE CARDS by Scott Hunt add to cart
24 Oct 2016  THE SPLINTER by Hilary Bell add to cart
24 Oct 2016  THE TURQUOISE ELEPHANT by Stephen Carleton add to cart
4 Oct 2016  THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS by Carlo Goldoni add to cart