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31 Oct 2011


This panel session took place at the Brisbane Powerhouse on 15 September 2011 as part of the Australian Theatre Forum. Practitioners share their experiences of partnering and the impact it has had on their work – negotiating different ways of making, working in culturally and economically unfamiliar conditions, optimising both successes and failures.
31 Oct 2011

Ideas in Motion

Are we thinking for innovation? Or are our organisations and practices entrenching old habits? This panel session took place at the Brisbane Powerhouse on 14 September 2011 as part of the Australian Theatre Forum.
31 Oct 2011

Postcards from the Future

Theatre makers share their vision of the Australian theatre industry in a form of a video ‘postcard’ from the year 2021. This panel was part of the Australian Theatre Forum 2011, held at the Brisbane Powerhouse in September.
19 Sep 2011

The courage of her convictions

Suzie Miller discusses her play Transparency, which was developed through the Kit Denton Fellowship for courageous writing.
15 Sep 2011

Australian Theatre Forum 2011

We've teamed up with the Australia Theatre Forum 2011 to bring you some clips from this year's event and provide an insight into the sometimes heated and always animated exchange of ideas and experiences taking place at Brisbane's Powerhouse.
12 Sep 2011

The 'noble savage' examined

Hilary Bell talks about her play Memmie Le Blanc, her process for working with historical sources and her views on collaboration.
1 Sep 2011

100 Aussie plays in 100 days

American dramaturg Cristin Kelly has set herself a challenge that's guaranteed to bring her up to speed with Australian culture... to read or watch an Australian play every day for 100 days.
24 Aug 2011

Cold Reading Series

The Cold Reading Series is a monthly script event in Melbourne. As the name implies, there's no rehearsal and no preparation.
8 Aug 2011

Stories in Motion

Our friends at Currency Press continue their celebration of 40 years of performing arts publishing with a special event at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival in August.
26 Jul 2011

Van Badham named Malthouse Associate Artist

Malthouse Theatre today announced the appointment of Van Badham as the company’s Associate Artist (Writing).

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