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13 Feb 2015

John Kachoyan - AustralianPlays.org Literary Manager


Both of the texts for this first bulletin of 2015 were generated by the remarkable and energetic Sydney-based Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP). The company has been running for many years in Sydney and has made an incredible contribution to youth-focused performance. Both The Voices Project and Sugarland are commissions driven by ATYP working in collaboration with young performers and companies and are both very much at the senior end of the scale.

The Voices Project 2014: Bite Me is a collection of monologues by various young writers working with the theme of food. Here are ten seven-minute stories that can be worked on as a collection or just as individual monologues. If you go to the ATYP website, you will discover a multitude of resources – video interviews, reviews, descriptions of the development process – all of which can act as a great kit for teaching with and through this material.

Sugarland, co-authored by Rachael Coopes and Wayne Blair (director of Sapphires), was developed within the Katherine community in the Northern Territory (through an initiative called Kicking Up Dust). It is a beautiful, funny and powerful work centering on life in the NT. It has indigenous themes and content (and requires indigenous performers). For these reasons, this may be a piece that is studied more as writing rather than performance, but its rewards are rich and it will provoke many strong discussions. Like Bite Me, the ATYP website contains a wealth of background information on both the project and the development.

Visit http://www.atyp.com.au to see more!



Tom Healey, Literary Manager



by Jake Brain et al
$24.95 (paperback)
Publisher: Currency Press
by Rachael Coops & Wayne Blair
$23.95 (paperback)
Publisher: Playlab

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