Jane Ahlquist

Jane Ahlquist trained in drama and philosophy at Flinders University. Since then, she has presented her own work at the Stables, at Belvoir Street, the Tap Gallery, various unconventional theatre spaces and at the Adelaide Festival Fringe. She has toured Australia with political cabaret, choreographed at Kinselas, directed children's theatre, experimental work, original adaptations from literature, and Australian plays.

In 1993, Jane set up "Bathhouse Arts" with painter Marion van den Dreisschen, to pursue the question: "is it possible to have a spiritually and socially regenerative theatre, such as was seen in Ancient Greece, in the modern world? If so, what would it look like?" As a result of her work, in 1998 she was invited to the 25th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House, where she spoke about her philosophy (national broadcast).

Jane has been twice Guest Director at the Hastings Arts Festival; she wrote and directed Indjamarra, a piece on Wiradjuri history, for the International Year of Peace; A Grain of Eternity (on William Blake) for the Museum of Contemporary Art (collaborator Nigel Butterley); four collaborative "two-handers" with the flautist Christine Draeger; several solo shows presented at regional arts festivals; plus she has had a parallel conventional performing career.

Jane is currently Artistic Director of The Braidwood Troupe and has written two of their large-scale productions: Briar Rose (2006) and Cinder Tales (2009). She lives in Majors Creek.

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