Stephen Davis

Born in Glasgow, Stephen was inspired to write by his grandfather Alfred, who wrote poems about his false teeth. After emigrating to Australia, Stephen penned his first play, A Very Black Comedy Indeed, when he was 15 and it was published by Queensland's Playlab Press in 1989. Since then Blurred, Juice and Burnt have also been published.

His first feature film City Loop (aka Bored Olives) was produced in Brisbane in 1999. His second feature Blurred (nominated for an AFI for best adapted screenplay) was filmed on the Gold Coast in 2002. His third feature (co-written with Mark Forstmann) Monkey Puzzle was filmed in the Blue Mountains in 2006.

Over the last 10 years Stephen has been commissioned by a number of Australian theatre companies and universities to write plays which have included Drown for Queensland Theatre Company, Scar for La Boite Theatre, Turtle Island and Wet Dogs for Barking Gecko Theatre Company, Transzitions,Juice and Blurred for Queensland University of Technology, and Burnt for Central Queensland University.

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