Regina Heilmann

Regina Heilmann was a performer with Sidetrack Performance Group from 1990-1997, co-devising and performing numerous works such as The Drunken Boat, Idol and The Measure.

In recent years she has collaborated with other artists and companies making new works such as Ferkel (flesh and feasting) and Leni Leni (politics, art and Leni Riefenstahl)

She has had an ongoing artistic relationship with The Opera Project Inc and performed in The Terror of Tosca, Tristan and El Inocente. In 2000 she performed in the new media work, White Collar Project for Nerveshell and toured with Nikki Heywood Burn Sonata. She has directed for REM Theatre, Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Freewheels and Carnivale.

Regina is currently the artistic director of PACT Theatre in Sydney.

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