Deborah Leiser-Moore

Deborah Leiser-Moore has been working in physical contemporary theatre since 1989. For three years she was a member of Entr'acte Theatre, co-writing and performing in The Memory Room, Aqua Azzura and Possessed/Dispossessed. Her devised solo and collaborative works include a room with no air, HUNGRY, The Cool Room (nominated for a Green Room Award for Most Outstanding Independent Production for 2002), HazChem!, The Girl Who Wanted to be God, The DeKlein of Pigs and Men, A Thousand Doors A Thousand Windows and Here and There - Then and Now. She has collaborated with artists such as Nikki Heywood, Regina Heilmann, Bruce Keller, Tanya Gerstle and Keith Gallasch and has toured nationally and internationally. In June 2004, a compilation video of her work (entitled Memory, Place, Reconciliation and the Body) was presented at the University of Bamberg, Germany, as part of the CDE conference. She has recently completed a Masters in Performance at Victoria University.

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