Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy is a Cairns-based practitioner. Her first play The Boathouse, co-produced by JUTE Theatre, Cairns and The Darwin Theatre Company (2006), reflects a community’s battle to fight development and save a much-loved historic building. Survival Instincts examined the jungle of the classroom from a teacher’s perspective. It resonated with audiences around Australia and was an award winner at the Sydney (2009), Brisbane (2009) and Canberra (2010) Short and Sweet Festivals. Angela’s comedy, What are the Odds? (2011), set on Melbourne Cup day, was a box office hit. Produced by JUTE Theatre Company, it unravelled the complexities of family and friends’ relationships at a suburban Cup lunch.

JUTE Theatre produced Angela’s latest work, Stewed (2015), an office comedy infused with the trauma of bureaucracy, bullying and Ginger Kiss tea.

When not writing plays, Angela Murphy Creative Communications provides professional writing services for media, businesses and individuals.

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