Alan Becher

The late Alan Becher co-founded Perth Theatre Company in 1994 and was the Artistic Director until he sadly passed away in 2008. His writing credits include stage adaptations of Paul Radley’s My Blue Checker Corker and Me, Tom Hungerford’s Stories from Suburban Road, Elizabeth Jolley’s The Newspaper of Claremont Street, Mudrooroo’s Wild Cat Falling and Fotini Epanomitis’ The Mule’s Foal. He also co-wrote Shadow of the Eagle and conceived Welcome to Dullsville, to which he contributed material, together with 14 members of Perth Theatre Company’s Writers’ Lab.

Alan also wrote for corporate launches, promotional DVDs and museum exhibitions. He directed and designed many productions for Swy Theatre Company, the Western Australian Theatre Company and Perth Theatre
Company. He directed over 40 productions of new Australian plays including 17 world premieres, and his productions often tour Australia.

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