Sheila Duncan

Sheila Duncan has worked in theatre, film, television and radio for over twenty-five years. She won Best South Australian Actress Awards in 2002 and 2003. She began writing for the stage in 1991 with 'Growing up a Girl', which was published in 1995 by the Australian Association of Teachers of English for use in schools. Her second play, 'Tabula Rasa', was short-listed for the 1999 George Landen Dann Award and received a professional workshop with Queensland Theatre Company in 2000. Later that year 'A Solitary Choice' was performed at the Bakehouse Theatre, South Australia, as part of their Festival of One season. In 2007 an excerpt of Sheila's radio play 'Going Down' was published in 'V: An Anthology of New International Writing from Edinburgh', and an early draft of 'Umbrellas' was read for the Palindrome Festival, Glenelg. In 2008 Umbrellas was short-listed for the Jill Blewett Festival Award for Literature. Sheila has written two feature film scripts, both with support from the South Australian Film Corp and mentored by Ron Blair.

Sheila completed a Master of Arts in Communications Studies at the University of South Australia in 1999 and her research paper 'Interpretive Interactionism and the films of Nick Torrens' was published in 'Metro' in 2005. She has recently returned from the University of Edinburgh where she studied a Master of Science in Creative Writing, specializing in playwriting under the supervision of Nicola McCartney. She graduated with distinction in 2006. She currently lectures in Media Arts at the University of South Australia.

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