Alan Grace

Alan graduated from AC Arts (Acting) in 2007, and was Dramaturge/Assistant Director for floogle’s Ollie and the Minotaur for Fringe 2008.

The Embryos, written by Alan, was produced in Fringe 2010, and received a nomination for the Jill Blewett’s Playwright’s Award.

In 2010, for Duende he directed Theatre Ltd, wrote Pinter in the Pub for Urban Myth, and participated in Vitalstatistix’ Adhocracy.

In 2011, his play No Hello premiered in Fringe, garnering a Inspace Development Nomination, and was listed in dB magazines Top Ten Shows of the Year. He conceived The Play-Off Challenge and directed Bigger than Beanbag for it.

Duende premiered Slicing and Dicing!!! directed by Peter Dunn.

In 2012, Duende premiered German Diary and Truth Teller - which he produced and directed. Second years at AC Arts performed Hysterical Blindness, directed by David Mealor with dramaturgy from Aarne Neeme. He produced the Second Play-Off Challenge and directed the winning play Red Ink by Duncan Graham, and participated in Adhocracy 2012 with the resident artists, Parachutes for Ladies. His play sex play premiered in the Blackbox season in November that year, and Reckless Abandon was read for’s Reading Sessions.

In 2013 The Shelter is a Trap, for Urban Myth/No Strings Attached Theatre of disability, an epic featuring a cast of more than twenty women, with many scenes performed exclusively in AUSLAN was comissioned. He recently participated in Forever Now initiative, working with APHIDS and Jeff Kahn, which will send a golden record of art into space.

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