Photograph by Susan Rosedale.

Paul Davies

Paul Davies trained as a script editor at Crawford Productions where he arrived in 1974 in time to witness the killing of Homicide and the birth of many Sullivans. He has since written for a dozen drama series including Stingers, Blue Heelers and Something in the Air. Two features have been produced: Neil Lynn (co-written with David Baker) and Exits (nominated for a Greater Union Award).

Two plays, Storming St. Kilda By Tram and On Shifting Sandshoes also received Awgies (Australian Writers Guild Awards) as did Return of the Prodigal, an episode of the ABC series Something in the Air.

Storming Mont Albert By Tram was first produced by TheatreWorks and performed on many trams over many years in both Melbourne and Adelaide, helping to pave the way for other ‘location’ plays, including: Breaking Up In Balwyn (on a Yarra Riverboat) Living Rooms (in an historic mansion), and Full House/No Vacancies (in a St. Kilda Boarding House). Last Train To St. KIlda? and On Shifting Sandshoes were also produced by TheatreWorks.

Paul has taught scriptwriting at various universities and has had articles on writing for stage and screen in Cinema Papers, Metro, Cantrills Filmnotes and Australasian Drama Studies.