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Sally Hardy

An AWGIE winning playwright, Australian Writers Guild Board Member and State Chair of the AWG in South Australia, Sally is also a screenwriter, children’s author and producer. As a Playwright Sally’s work has been produced in the DreamBIG Children’s Festival (Gone Viral, 2017 and An Anthology of Un-kept Secrets, 2019), the World Festival of Children’s Theatre (A Kid Like Me, 2016), the Come Out Children’s Festival (A Kid Like Me, 2015) the Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals, and has featured on the VCE Playlist (Fallen Sky, 2006). As a Dramaturge she has worked on shows in the Adelaide Festival (Can You Hear Colour, 2018) and the Adelaide Cabaret Festival (A Migrants Son, 2018). In 2016 she won the AWGIE for Youth & Community Theatre with A Kid Like Me, and in 2014 she won the Trinity College London International Playwriting Award with her play Gone Viral. As a screenwriter Sally has worked on numerous film and television projects, as a script consultant and as a writer developing concepts ready to pitch to the market. In this capacity Sally has worked repeatedly for SLA Films (Southern Light Alliance) and Kojo Productions, and is currently filming a documentary with Red Wall Films. Winner of the AWG/AFF ‘Off the Page’ screenplay competition in 2015, Sally was also nominated for the Monte Miller Award at the 2004 AWGIES for her first feature script The Burning.
Sally is the author of a children’s book Teddy-grams for Campbell published in 2014, and the director of Free Range Theatrix which produces theatre and creative educational experiences for young people. In 2019, as in 2018, Sally will be a presenting writer in the Meet the Writers Festival at the Adelaide Convention Centre, invited by the South Australian English Teachers Association (SAETA).

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