Paul Gilchrist

Paul is a writer and director, and the artistic director of subtlenuance, a Sydney-based company solely dedicated to the creation of new work.

Plays he has both written and directed include: One Way Mirror (Blood Moon Theatre, 2018); Shut Up And Drive (with Daniela Giorgi) (Kings Cross Theatre, 2016); All the Difference (Old 505 Theatre, 2015); Joan Again (Old Fitz, 2014); Cristina in the Cupboard (TAP, 2013); 'Rocket Man' (TAP, 2013); Blind Tasting (Old 505 Theatre, Ensemble, Street Theatre Canberra, CAP Theatre Los Angeles 2012/2013); Lucy Black (TAP, 2012); Toy Box (TAP, 2011); Life is Impossible (Newtown Theatre, 2010); A Thing of Beauty (Old Fitz, 2010); Two Gates (TAP, 2010); Catherine at Avignon (TAP, 2009); Before the Embrace (Newtown Theatre, 2009); and True Times Three (TAP, 2008).

The plays he has only written include: Appropriation (Fledgling Theatre, Studio Blue, director Chris Huntly-Turner, 2019); Cristina in the Cupboard (The Depot Theatre, director Julie Baz, 2016); Atlantis (Kings Cross Theatre, director Kit Bennett, 2016); The Danger of Safety (featured in Apocalypse Theatre Company's Asylum, Old 505, director Erin Taylor, 2015); and Turning Up (Thrown Together, Crypt Theatre, director Daryl Currie, 2006).

Plays he has only directed include: Seed Bomb by Daniela Giorgi (Old 505, 2019); TickTickBoom by Melissa Lee Speyer (Actors Pulse, 2018); Losing You (Twice) by Kate O'Keeffe (Newtown Theatre, 2017); A Quiet Night in Rangoon by Katie Pollock (New Theatre, 2011) and Talc by Daniela Giorgi (TAP, 2010). He has also directed the multi-playwright projects The Political Hearts of Children (TAP, 2013); High Windows Low Doorways (TAP, 2014); and And Now To Bed (The Bordello Theatre, 2015).

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