Photo: Mansoor Noor

James Elazzi

James’ writing seeks to find a balance between both the cultures of Australian and his
Lebanese heritage. A catalyst in James' writing is the universal idea of obstacle and
transition where characters ebb and flow through themes of family, culture and
nudging the status quo. In 2017, James was chosen to take part in two National
Theatre of Parramatta programs for emerging artists, ‘Page to Stage’ and ‘Creative
Futures’. James has had four of his plays publicly read in 2019, including ‘Omar and
’, ‘Son of Byblos’, (which was a 2019 finalist in the Silver Gull Play Award)
and ‘Miriam’. ‘Omar and Dawn’ and ‘Son of Byblos’ were chosen as part of
2018/2019 Kings Cross Theatre’s Story Tellers Festival. ‘Lady Tabouli’ was part of
Griffin Theatre’s Batch festival and enjoyed a sold-out season. In mid 2019, ‘Omar
and Dawn
’ was staged at Kings Cross Theatre Company and enjoyed a sold-out
season. James has also been selected to become a member of the 2019-2021 Sydney Theatre Company’s Writers Group. James was selected to take part in WestWorld’s writing residency at the end of 2019. In 2020, ‘Lady Tabouli’ will be part of the 2020 Sydney Festival which is Co produced with National Theatre of Parramatta.

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