Photography: Andrew Raszevski

Emina Ashman

Emina Ashman is a Malaysian-Australian actor, theatre-maker, and writer based in Naarm (Melbourne).

She holds an Honours in Independent Theatre Practice from the Victorian College of the Arts, and a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing from the University of Melbourne. Her creative expression contours around acting, poetry, dance, and performance art. As a regular performer of her own work, Emina shares her art at Melbourne spoken word and music open-mic events, conscious well-being festivals, and cross-disciplinary art activations.

Through her writing, she tends to examine concepts around sensuality, spirituality and feminine embodiment. Her work often responds to her own relationship towards multi-cultural upbringing, inter-faith connections, loss, and self-healing.

She was recently involved in the premiere of her play Make Me A Houri at La Mama Courthouse in 2019, undertaking the role of actor and playwright within its production. Emina has also self-published her own anthology of poems and illustrations titled Undulate, in which she initiated back in 2012, in Malaysia, before relocating to Australia.

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