Kathy Prosser

Kathy Possum (aka Kathy Prosser) started her musical journey at age 5 playing the piano and winning awards and eisteddfods. After progressing through her classical piano training, Kathy joined a covers band and supported national and international touring acts. International traveling took over as Kathy's main passion for a few years before she once again settled down and started a family. The passing of her father made Kathy re-evaluate her priorities and she decided that she wasn't done with music just yet. As a mother of young children, Kathy established Possum Music with the aim of creating broadcast quality music with age appropriate themes and lyrics for children from preschool to pre-teens. In 2013 Kathy won the Songs for Children Category of the Australian Songwriters Association Songwriting Contest - with Aussie Kid. Kathy has released a total of 4 albums featuring guest artists of the callibre of Wendy Matthews, Ritchie Neville, Clare O'Meara and Bec Caruana. Kathy is an Australian Citizen who also holds a US Green Card with which she hopes to take her unique brand of children's music to the world.

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