Liliane Grace

Liliane Grace is an award-winning author, writing coach and editor who writes in many genres including short stories, novels, articles, songs, poetry and plays. A home-educating parent, she wrote her first play for children, ‘The WashHouse Blues’, about a bumbling girl called Miss Takes. She brings to life the popular first session of her long-time Creative Writing course in the monologue, ‘Unplugged’. And she shares her response to the untimely death of a friend from cancer in ‘The Dream ', in which a harassed mother is visited by a deceased friend with a warning to take care of herself or suffer the same fate.. Waiting to be performed is a short play about commitment called ‘The Big ‘Oh’'.

Liliane specialises in thought-provoking fiction. Her YA novel The Mastery Club - See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible, gave rise to a 10-session program that has been taught in Australian schools and overseas, and to a sequel, The Hidden Order. She recently published a third book for youth, Quest For Riches – four teenagers discover the keys to wealth and prosperity, and her first novel for adults, Wanted: Greener Grass – a novel about love, envy, and a crazy kind of courage. She has also written two children’s picture books about modern-day leaders: The Boy Who Barked (about Dr John Demartini) and The Boy Who Found His Pulse (about Don Tolman).