Tim Bosanquet

Tim Bosanquet is a Sydney-based writer who graduated from the Australian Film Television School in TV Producing in 2001. He has worked as a producer for a number of TV and radio stations (Channel 9, Channel 7, ABC and SBS).

His stage works include: Open for Inspection - The Real Estate Musical (2010, Darlinghurst Theatre), City For Sale (2006, Darlinghurst Theatre), Meet The Candidates (2005, Darlinghurst Theatre), Simon Crean! The Musical (2003, Tap Gallery) and Australia's Only Rock 'N Roll Prime Minister (1999, New Theatre). He has also written comedy for Triple J and ABC 702. He has co-written a number of TV scripts: Unlikely Planet, The Arts Whole and The Reaper, and has written sketch comedy for Channel 9's Comedy Inc.

Meet The Candidates was also broadcast as a radio play on ABC Radio National's Airplay in September 2005 and August 2010.