Gary Files

Gary Files is the only Australian graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada. He has worked as an actor, writer and director in three countries - Canada, the U.K. and Australia. Gary won an AWGIE from the Australian Writer's Guild for his ABC radio comedy serial Uncle Vinny's Wireless. Other works for radio include - for the CBC: The Anatomy of a Running Start, Intoxicating Travel in Upper Canada, A Yankee Finds Quebec, The Lieut. Colonel and the Town He Left Behind, Gas Mask, and the series The Many Faces of Music. For the ABC he adapted the Sci-Fi classic Tomorrow's Child and adapted and read on air the books Never Cry Wolf and The Man in the Maze. He was Artistic Director of the Period Pieces Company which did performed readings of the classics. He was also Artistic Director of the project Crossing the Line which presented performed readings of stage plays by successful film and television writers in conjunction with the 1998 Melbourne Writer's Festival. His patron was Fred Schepisi. Gary was also

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