Adam Broinowski

Adam Broinowski writes, performs and translates. He graduated from Monash University/Shizuoka University (BA Hons Japanese, 1992) and holds an MA (University of Melbourne, 2003) in avant-garde Japanese theatre. He made Hell Bento, a documentary on underground Japan (SBSiTV/festivals, 1995) and performed in seven countries with Stalker, NYID, Playbox, Company B, Kantanka (1994-2000) and other Australian theatre companies. He was an Asialink writer-in-residence (Malaysia, 2000) and wrote No Known Cure (2001). His other plays are Hotel Obsino (Next Wave Festival, 1999), and The Great Gameshow of Pernicious Influences (St Martins Theatre, 1996). He was a Japan Foundation Fellow before joining Gekidan Kaitaisha (Theatre of Deconstruction, 2001-05).

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