Caleb Lewis

Caleb Lewis is a multi-award-winning playwright whose work has been produced locally and internationally. His works include Nailed; Dogfall; Death in Bowengabbie, Rust and Bone; Aleksander and the Robot Maid and Clinchfield (winner of the inaugural Richard Burton Award for new plays).

Lewis was mentored by Nick Enright and Edward Albee. He has twice been shortlisted for the Griffin award and is the winner of an Inscription Award, the Mitch Mathews Award and an AWGIE (Australian Writer’s Guild Award), turning down the Company B Phiilip Parsons Award in 2009. He is the inaugural winner of the Richard Burton Award for New Plays.

Current projects include a play about Godzilla and first love, a play about a sock, a play about honey bees and commissions for Bell Shakespeare, Black Swan and State Theatre Company of South Australia. In 2013 Lewis will have plays produced in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

“I am convinced Lewis marks the appearance of a significant new talent.” - The Sun Herald

“Nailed is magnificent and moving. Lewis's world is our world, his characters entirely three dimensional and frighteningly reckless… the overall effect is enthralling.” - FBI Radio

Songs For the Deaf
“Lewis is a genuine new writing talent. He has an ear for the manners and anxieties of contemporary Australia.” - The Australian

“A tour-de-force for writer and performer” - City Messenger

“Poetic and heartfelt, tender and brave… This is honest, authentic storytelling, beautifully written.” - Aussie Theatre

“The wonder is Lewis’s imaginative insight.” - Realtime

“An ambitious story of tremendous scope. Impeccably delivered, superbly written… the play exceeds all expectations.” - Adelaide Theatre Guide

“Extraordinary - imaginative, lyrical and heartfelt with a nightmarish imagery that suggests Ionesco at his most absurdly bleak and Donny Darko at its most cogent.” - The Adelaide Review

“Lewis's script is stunning, lyrical and frightening, leaving you breathless. This is the best thing I've seen in a very long time.” - City Messenger

Men, Love & the Monkeyboy
“Lewis triumphs in his fusion of comedy and heart.” - Citysearch

“Lewis knows how to plot. The play is welcome for taking a hard and occasionally confronting look at the mythos and rituals of a subset of Australian masculinity.” - Sydney Morning Herald

"Lewis has a good feel for dialogue and comedy. He creates dramatic moments that have us by turns, laughing, cringing, shaking our head in disbelief and empathising with the characters... Monkeyboy is witty, insightful and entertaining." - The Sunday Telegraph

"The opening scene was explosive and unpredictable and set the tone for the rest of the play- high drama one moment, high comedy the next. So simple, but so tickled the ‘Ahowclever' gland. Very good stuff" - Drum Media

“A close, comic appraisal of Australian manhood. Lewis’s script yields plenty of comedy but avoids caricature. There’s enough narrative sophistication and finessed dialogue to keep swinging, the result is a very funny play.” - Time Out

Death in Bowengabbie
“Lewis is a genuine writing talent. His whimsically mordant new monologue has been a deserved favourite of the Fringe.” - The Australian

“Simple, funny, tender and brave… This is honest, authentic storytelling, beautifully written and the best piece of Australian theatre I have seen in six months. Lewis and Brackman have done a stunning job” - Augusta Supple

“I had a good feeling about this one the moment we got to the Old Fitz… When a play is winning awards for which it’s not even being considered, well, that’s quite an endorsement.” - The Brag

“At times intimate and poignant, witty and amusing, Death In Bowengabbie is a stellar show laced with pathos and black humour. Final Word: Riveting.” - Rip It Up

Aleksander and the Robot Maid
“Terrific theatre for kids aged 7-10, a rare thing in children's theatre." - Elissa Blake

"I felt a shiver tingle across my skin and a tear form in my eye as we watched one friend save another and were reminded that not everything is about ambition, work, lifestyle... and sometimes it takes a play like Aleksander and the Robot Maid to remind us. I urge you to go... I loved it." - Augusta Supple

“My two eight year old guests were gripped by this story and despite some scary moments they both loved it." - Robyn Willis, Daily Telegraph

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