Steve Hawke

STEVE HAWKE grew up in Melbourne, but found his way to the Northern Territory, and then to the Kimberley, as a 19-year-old in 1978. Captivated by the country, the history and the people, he finished up staying for almost 15 years, working for Aboriginal communities and organisations. He now lives in the hills outside Perth, but continues his strong association with the Kimberley, returning most years. His writings on the Kimberley include Noonkanbah (1989); Barefoot Kids (2007), a children’s novel set in Broome; and A Town Is Born (2013), a history of Fitzroy Crossing. He has worked with the Bunuba community for 30 years, on the Jandamarra project and other cultural projects for Bunuba Cultural Enterprises, and also on a wide range of community, organisational, land and native title projects and activities.

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