Karanvir Singh

Rashma N. Kalsie

Rashma N. Kalsie is an Indian writer-playwright based in Australia.
She is the founder of Indian Diaspora Dramatics Association. Rashma’s work includes the plays Padma Shri Prahasana (India Habitat Centre, Delhi), The Day I Left Home—Melbourne Talam (MTC NEON Readings 2015, MTC Cybec Electric Festival 2016), The Lost Dog (Walker Gallery & Arts Centre 2012 and 2014), The Rejected Girl (Mumbai Theatre Guide One-Act Plays Shortlist) and Meri Script Hai Kahan (Eventura Creations 2003); the novels Ohh! Gods are Online (Srishti Publishers & Distributors) and The Buddha and the Bitch (Purple Folio); and over 100 scripts for TV shows with B.A.G. Films and News and Entertainment Television. She has published articles and shorts in print and online magazines—Woman’s Era, Manushi, garamchai.com and feminafastfiction.com. Rashma studied TV Journalism from Academy 18 (a school of TV18), Screenwriting from University of Toronto, Playwrights’ Workshop (Mahesh Dattani and India Habitat Centre), and Natyashastra Workshop (Dr Bharat Gupt). Rashma is an AWG Associate Member.
Photo by Karanvir Singh.

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