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Van Badham Van Badham was born in Sydney and began her writing career as a...(20 plays) 
Keith Bain Keith Bain grew up in Wauchope on the NSW North Coast and became a...(2 plays) 
Richard Baines Richard Baines is a former drama and English teacher who is very...(7 plays) 
Janis Balodis Janis Balodis was born in Australia of Latvian parents who settled in...(7 plays) 
Anna Barnes ANNA BARNES is an award-winning playwright and author. Her writing has...(1 play) 
Mick Barnes Plays by Mick Barnes have been staged in most of Australia’s bigger...(2 plays) 
Richard Barrett RICHARD BARRETT taught for several years before writing his first play, (1 play) 
Ross Barrett Ross Barrett is a former scientist who began writing for the stage in...(2 plays) 
Penelope Bartlau Penelope Bartlau is the Artistic Director of Barking Spider Visual Theatre...(1 play) 
Vanessa Bates Vanessa Bates is an award winning writer for stage, screen and radio....(3 plays) 
George Bavinton George Bavinton is a graduate of Queensland University of Technology (MA...(2 plays) 
Jennie Bazell Jennie Bazell has worked in the travel industry, venue sales and...(1 play) 
Alan Becher The late Alan Becher co-founded Perth Theatre Company in 1994 and was the...(4 plays) 
Katie Beckett Katie Beckett is an actor and writer with a passion for storytelling, both...(1 play) 
Wendy Beckett Writer/director Wendy Beckett has written more than 25 plays and directed...(4 plays) 
Anita Beckman Despite a brief foray into studying dentistry, Anita Beckman's main...(1 play) 
Randolph Bedford George Randolph Bedford was born in Sydney in 1868 and started writing as...(1 play) 
Russell Beedles Russell Beedles is an experienced performer and teacher across a range of...(1 play) 
Alaine Beek Essence Productions was founded by Alaine Beek in 2003. As the author and...(1 play) 
Madison Behringer Madison Behringer is a Sydney-based writer, director, actor and...(1 play) 
Amy Bell Based in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest, Amy is inspired by remote...(2 plays) 
Andrew Bell Andrew M. Bell is an award-winning poet, fiction writer and playwright...(2 plays) 
Hilary Bell Hilary Bell writes for stage, radio, screen and music theatre. Plays...(11 plays) 
Kamarra Bell-Wykes Kamarra Bell-Wykes is a Yagera and Butchulla woman from South-East...(6 plays) 
Jessica Bellamy Jessica Bellamy is a Sydney-based playwright. She holds a Graduate Diploma...(2 plays) 
Isobel Benn Vertigan Isobel Benn Vertigan is a young playwright currently studying in...(1 play) 
Elizabeth Bennett Elizabeth Bennett has had six plays broadcast by ABC Radio National and...(3 plays) 
Roger Bennett Roger Bennett (1948–1997) was an Arrernte man from Central Australia, an...(1 play) 
Anna Bennetts Anna Bennetts is a writer, actor and filmmaker. Her full length plays...(4 plays) 
Lissa Benyon Lissa Benyon began her theater career as a member of the Canberra Youth...(3 plays) 
Michael Beresford Michael Beresford has written several plays that have been professionally...(4 plays) 
Gillian Berry Gillian Berry was born in South Africa and educated in the UK, France and...(3 plays) 
Michelle Best Michelle Best is a senior secondary Drama teacher. She has been involved...(2 plays) 
Patricia Best Patricia Best is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art...(1 play) 
Angela Betzien Angela Betzien is a multi award winning writer and a founding member of...(12 plays) 
Samantha Bews Samantha Bews is a playwright-producer and actor. She was a founding...(1 play) 
Samantha Bews Samantha Bews is a theatre artist based in central Victoria. Her plays...(1 play) 
Gita Bezard GITA BEZARD is a playwright, director and performer with Perth Theatre...(1 play) 
Judy Bierwirth Judy Bierwirth's play 'Alive and Kicking' was produced by Playbox in...(3 plays) 
Hannah Bird Hannah Bird is an Australian playwright who has now written four full...(1 play) 
John Bishop John Bishop’s stage play The Greatest Woman in the World was...(3 plays) 
Andrew Blackman Actor, Director, Writer Andrew Blackman graduated from National...(1 play) 
David Blackman David Blackman is a Melbourne-based actor and writer. His one-man show...(4 plays) 
Ernie Blackmore Born Leichardt (NSW) 1940 to Aboriginal mother and English father....(1 play) 
Ron Blair Ron Blair was born in Sydney in 1942 and graduated in Arts from Sydney...(2 plays) 
Wayne Blair Wayne Blair is an award winning writer and director for both film and...(1 play) 
Jeff Blake Jeff Blake was born in Melbourne and works in theatre and film as a...(1 play) 
Nicki Bloom Nicki Bloom is an Adelaide-based writer. Her plays have been produced...(6 plays) 
Betty Bobbitt Betty Bobbitt came to Australia in 1962 as an actor and has since worked...(1 play) 
Merlinda Bobis Merlinda Bobis is a Philippine bilingual writer, performance artist and...(4 plays) 
Jane Bodie Jane Bodie is a writer, mentor and director. Her plays, including Music,...(5 plays) 
Lorna Bol Lorna Bol began writing for theatre in 1977. Her first play, Treadmill,...(2 plays) 
Grahame Bond Grahame Bond began his career in entertainment at Sydney University in the...(1 play) 
Tim Bosanquet Tim Bosanquet is a Sydney-based writer who graduated from the Australian...(1 play) 
Anica Boulanger-Mashberg 'Two (in your image)' is Anica Boulanger-Mashberg's and Joanne...(1 play) 
Lenine Bourke Lenine Bourke (BA Hons, BED) has a broad range of professional experiences...(1 play) 
Andrew Bovell Andrew Bovell is an award-winning writer for theatre, film and television....(8 plays) 
Humphrey Bower Humphrey Bower was a founding member of the Melbourne collective,...(1 play) 
Belinda Bradley BELINDA BRADLEY lives and works as a writer. Her play Mary May was...(2 plays) 
Belinda Bradley BELINDA BRADLEY lives and works as a writer. Her play Mary May was...(1 play) 
Lynne Bradley Lynne Bradley has worked as a director, choreographer, performer and...(1 play) 
Donna Bradshaw Donna Bradshaw has written four full-length plays, and written, directed,...(1 play) 
Peta Brady Peta Brady has performed in various TV shows such as ITS A DATE , KATH AND...(1 play) 
Errol Bray Errol Bray has worked in theatre for over 30 years in a range of roles -...(2 plays) 
Stephanie Briarwood Stephanie is an actor and director, graduating from University of Tasmania...(1 play) 
Sarah Brill Sarah began writing at the age of 15 participating in four National Young...(3 plays) 
Holly Brindley et al The Voices Project: Encore Edition is comprised of 17 short plays...(1 play) 
Katharine Brisbane Katharine Brisbane co-founded Currency Press, Australia's performing arts...(6 plays) 
John Britton John Britton is a writer, performer and director. He has worked...(2 plays) 
Sallie Brockman Sallie Brockman was a member of a community theatre group, the ‘Bicheno...(2 plays) 
Adam Broinowski Adam Broinowski writes, performs and translates. He graduated from Monash...(1 play) 
Kit Brookman Kit is a writer and director. His plays include Whalesong (East 15 School...(8 plays) 
Tony Brooks Tony Brooks was born in England, has lived in France, and been resident in...(1 play) 
Amanda Brotchie Went through VCA Film School in 1996. Screenplay for 'Headlock' won...(1 play) 
Alex Broun Born in Sydney Alex has worked in theatre, TV and film as a writer, actor...(3 plays) 
Bille Brown An actor, writer and director, Bille's professional life in the performing...(3 plays) 
David Brown David Brown has worked in professional theatre as an actor, writer,...(6 plays) 
Janet Brown Janet Brown’s literary articles and short stories are published in...(2 plays) 
Mary Rachel Brown Mary Rachel Brown is the recipient of The 2006 Griffin Award, 2007 Max...(5 plays) 
Paul Brown Paul Brown trained as a geologist in Sydney, and of all things is an...(2 plays) 
Margi Brown Ash Margi Brown Ash: deviser/performer/writer/director/acting trainer/...(1 play) 
Christopher Bryant Christopher Bryant is a Sydney and Melbourne based theatre-maker who has...(1 play) 
Christopher Bryant Christopher Bryant is a Griffin Award nominated playwright (Home Invasion,...(2 plays) 
Dean Bryant Dean created Gaybies for the Midsumma Festival 25th Anniversary, and...(1 play) 
Melissa Bubnic Melissa Bubnic is a playwright and screenwriter from Melbourne, currently...(2 plays) 
Doug Buckley Doug Buckley's book-length memoir and personal essay Fragments from a...(1 play) 
Jamie Burgess Jamie learnt about what makes theatre good by first learning about what...(1 play) 
Joel Burrows et al The Voices Project 2015: Between Us is comprised of 11 short plays by Joel...(1 play) 
Bridgette Burton Bridgette Burton has been writing for theatre since the early 1990's....(2 plays) 
David Burton David Burton is a poet and playwright based in Queensland. In 2010,...(7 plays) 
Mary Anne Butler Mary Anne Butler is a Darwin based playwright whose play The Sound of...(4 plays) 
Michael Butler Michael Butler has been an English and Drama teacher since 1992, and has...(6 plays) 
Alex Buzo Alex Buzo was born in Sydney. He was educated at The Armidale School, the...(2 plays) 

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