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Sandra Fairthorne PLAYS 'The Big Jump', Anglesea One Act Play Festival, Best Original...(1 play) 
Charlie Falkner Charlie Falkner is a Sydney-based actor and writer currently managed by...(2 plays) 
Andrew Fallon I began performing in theatre at age 10, acting in the school play. Since...(1 play) 
Kathleen Mary Fallon Kathleen Mary Fallon most recent work is a four-part project exploring her...(1 play) 
Sally Faraday Sally Farady has a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honours) from Monash Uni...(1 play) 
Catherine Fargher Catherine is an AWGIE award-winning scriptwriter, whose scripts have been...(7 plays) 
Stephen Faulds Stephen Faulds is an English teacher at a Perth high school with many...(1 play) 
Bumpy Favell Bumpy Favell is a writer, editor, show producer and musician. In 2000...(1 play) 
Kendall Feaver Kendall Feaver won a Judges Award at the 2015 Bruntwood Prize for...(1 play) 
Aidan Fennessy Aidan Fennessy's plays have been performed both internationally and...(4 plays) 
Jeffrey Fereday Jeffrey Fereday was an artist and writer based in Melbourne. A graduate of...(2 plays) 
Marcia Ferguson Marcia Ferguson is an independent director, performer, dramaturge and...(1 play) 
Barbara Fern In 1986 Barbara Fern was Director of the Port Pirie Youth Theatre, where...(1 play) 
Future D. Fidel Future D. Fidel, 33, was born in Uvira in the Democratic Republic of...(3 plays) 
Gary Files Gary Files is the only Australian graduate of the National Theatre School...(1 play) 
Tim Finn Tim Finn is a singer and songwriter. He was a forming member of 1970s and...(1 play) 
Anni Finsterer Anni Finsterer is an Actor in Theatre, Film and Television, Writer,...(2 plays) 
Lily Fish Lily Fish is a Melbourne based writer, director and performer. She is a...(1 play) 
Julie Fison Julie has written eleven books and several short stories for children and...(1 play) 
Eamon Flack Eamon Flack finished his BA at the University of Queensland in 2000 and...(2 plays) 
Nicholas Flanagan Nicholas graduated from the Acting Course at NIDA in 1982 and has...(1 play) 
Peter Flanigan Peter Flanigan has been working with community and independent theatre...(2 plays) 
Bill Fleming Bill Fleming has written plays for a number of years with numerous public...(3 plays) 
Justin Fleming Justin Fleming has been vice-president of the Australian Writers' Guild...(14 plays) 
Jamie Forbes Jamie Forbes is an award winning playwright and has had several short...(2 plays) 
Margery Forde Margery’s playwrighting credits include commissions for La Boite Theatre...(7 plays) 
Michael Forde Michael co-wrote for La Boite Milo’s Wake (New South Wales Premier’s...(5 plays) 
Veronica Forsayeth Veronica has had a long career in the health sector, working predominately...(1 play) 
Graeme Forsyth Graeme Forsyth is a Ballarat based writer who also teaches secondary...(2 plays) 
Kieran Foster Kieran Foster first appeared on stage in 1998 as one of the authors and...(1 play) 
Sam Foster Sam is story teller, performer and theatre maker. He is an...(2 plays) 
Jeffrey Jay Fowler JEFFREY JAY FOWLER is a playwright, dramaturg, director and actor. He...(1 play) 
Louise Fox Louise Fox has worked as an actress, writer, dramaturg, script editor and...(1 play) 
Nadia Fragnito Nadia is a writer and playwright. She was the recipient of Exit...(1 play) 
Joshua Francis Joshua Francis is a producer and writer working in contemporary...(1 play) 
Richard Frankland Richard Frankland is a proud Gunditjmara Man who lives on country in...(4 plays) 
Clancy Fraser Clancy is a Melbourne based writer and actor who Majored in Drama at La...(1 play) 
John Fraser John completed the NIDA Playwright’s Studio in 2005. The following year...(2 plays) 
Maree Freeman Maree Freeman is a playwright and director based in Sydney. She's the CEO...(1 play) 
Simon Froehling Born in 1978 in Switzerland of an Australian mother and Swiss father,...(3 plays) 
Cate Furey Cate Furey spent the first 21 years of her life with her family in...(1 play) 
Michael Futcher Michael is a writer, director, actor, dramaturg, acting coach, and is also...(4 plays) 
Peter Fyfe Peter Fyfe has worked as an actor, comedian, improviser, songwriter,...(1 play) 

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