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Rachael Hains-Wesson Rachael Hains-Wesson has been the Artistic Director of Odd Socks Theatre...(2 plays) 
Emma Mary Hall Emma is an Australian actor, writer and theatre-maker. Ode to Man (2017)...(1 play) 
Flynn Hall Flynn Hall is a Brisbane-based director and writer. She holds a Bachelor...(1 play) 
Rodney Hall Rodney Hall was born in 1935 at Solihull, in Warwickshire, England. His...(1 play) 
Simon Hall Turnstiler is Simon's first play. It was awarded Runner Up in the 2000...(2 plays) 
Julian Halls Julian Halls was born and educated in Sydney, Australia. He travelled...(1 play) 
Sarah Hamilton Sarah’s work as a writer/performer includes A Donkey and a Parrot...(2 plays) 
Benedict Hardie Benedict Hardie is a writer, actor, and theatre maker. For The Hayloft...(1 play) 
Bill Harding Bill began writing professionally aged 15 for ‘The Mavis Bramston...(1 play) 
John Harding John Harding has been a ministerial adviser for the Victorian Department...(4 plays) 
Jonathan Hardy Jonathan Hardy (20 September, 1940 - 30 July, 2012) was a New Zealand-born...(1 play) 
Sally Hardy An AWGIE winning playwright, Australian Writers Guild Board Member and...(1 play) 
Sara Hardy Sara Hardy trained in acting at Dartington College of Arts in the UK....(3 plays) 
N. A. Harman Nigel Harman started writing in the 70s. He is British born, Australian...(1 play) 
Wendy Harmer Wendy Harmer is a political journalist turned humorist who has written...(1 play) 
Anne Harris Anne Harris's plays have been seen at the Joseph Papp Public Theatre,...(3 plays) 
Patricia Harris Patricia has six scripts published by Australian Plays. She wrote for a...(6 plays) 
Greta Harrison Greta is a journalist and reporter, whose first play Rollerdisco was...(1 play) 
Jane Harrison Jane Harrison, a Muruwari descendant, was commissioned by Ilbijerri...(4 plays) 
Anne Harvey Anne Harvey began her career as an actor at Melbourne University where she...(1 play) 
Nicholas Hasluck Nicholas Hasluck was born in Canberra in 1942. He was educated at the...(1 play) 
Linda Hassall Linda Hassall has twenty-five years industry experience as a director,...(4 plays) 
Scott Hatcher Scott Hatcher is a playwright, author and school teacher. His play A Horse...(1 play) 
Frank Hatherley Frank Hatherley is a Sydney writer/director/critic who has spent most of...(2 plays) 
Suzanne Hauser Suzanne Hauser is a theatre maker and storyteller who revels in developing...(1 play) 
Steve Hawke STEVE HAWKE grew up in Melbourne, but found his way to the Northern...(1 play) 
Suzanne Hawley Suzanne Hawley is an experienced writer, having written a feature film,...(1 play) 
David Hayhow David Hayhow came to theatre in his late thirties, supported by two...(1 play) 
Claire Haywood Claire Haywood is an actor, director and writer from Western Australia....(1 play) 
Elise Hearst Elise is a Melbourne-based playwright, writer and storyteller, and a...(2 plays) 
Brett Heath Brett Heath has been working in the Australian theatre, film and...(4 plays) 
Regina Heilmann Regina Heilmann was a performer with Sidetrack Performance Group from...(1 play) 
Louise Helfgott Louise received an Australian Postgraduate Award and Edith Cowan...(4 plays) 
Trudy Hellier Trudy Hellier won an AFI for her first short film script Break and Enter...(4 plays) 
Nadine Helmi After graduating from the University of Heidelberg in Germany, Nadine...(1 play) 
Clare Hennessy Clare is a playwright and musician from Sydney, Australia. After...(1 play) 
Thomas Henning Thomas Henning is a Melbourne based writer, playwright and performer.(1 play) 
Kate Herbert Kate Herbert is a writer, director and lecturer in performing arts. Her...(2 plays) 
Dorothy Hewett Dorothy Hewett achieved distinction as a playwright, poet and novelist....(6 plays) 
Robert Hewett Robert Hewett's first play Just...One Last Dance premiered in Auckland in...(2 plays) 
Jack Hibberd Jack Hibberd is one of the most innovative Australian playwrights of his...(29 plays) 
Marg Hickey Marg's plays have been performed in regional Victoria, La Mama, Brisbane...(3 plays) 
Michael Hill Michael Hill graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1990 with a...(2 plays) 
Samantha Hill Samantha Hill is a Melbourne-based playwright, performer, librarian and...(2 plays) 
Cameron Hindrum Cameron Hindrum lives, writes and works in Launceston. His novel The Blue...(2 plays) 
William Hinz William Hinz is a Melbourne and Brisbane based playwright, lyricist and...(1 play) 
Julian Hobba Julian Hobba is a theatre writer and director and the Artistic Director of...(1 play) 
Noel Hodda Noel is an ex-Board Member, Chair of the Board and Director of D-Week for...(4 plays) 
Brendan Hogan Brendan Hogan is an award-winning playwright and theatre-maker from...(2 plays) 
Zoe Hogan In 2010, Zoe Hogan was a member of Australian Theatre for Young...(1 play) 
Tom Holloway Tom Holloway is a multi-award-winning playwright whose work has been...(11 plays) 
David Holman David Holman is an English playwright with over seventy plays to his...(5 plays) 
Bruce Hoogendoorn Bruce has had numerous productions over the last six years, including...(5 plays) 
Sarah Hope Sarah Hope is an emerging playwright and theatre maker who graduated from...(1 play) 
Alan Hopgood Alan Hopgood was one of the first Australian playwrights promoted by the...(2 plays) 
Jamie Hornsby Jamie Hornsby is an award-winning playwright and actor. He has been...(1 play) 
Pauline Hosking Pauline Hosking taught Drama in secondary schools for many years and...(4 plays) 
Peter Houghton Peter is an actor, director and playwright based in Melbourne. He has...(1 play) 
Stephen House Stephen has had 20 plays and four short films produced, and five Poetry...(10 plays) 
Helen Howard Helen Howard is an actor, writer, acting coach, dialect coach and...(6 plays) 
Chris Howlett Chris Howlett’s plays have been produced around Australia by companies...(4 plays) 
Donna Hughes Donna was born in the rural town of Geraldton, Western Australia....(1 play) 
Nick Hughes Nick Hughes has worked in theatre all his life. He was born in the North...(2 plays) 
T.A.G. (Tom) Hungerford T.A.G Hungerford was born in Perth in 1915 and started writing in his...(1 play) 
Cathy Hunt Cathy Hunt is a cultural strategist with an international practice based...(1 play) 
Scott Hunt Scott is a musician, actor, director and writer living in Hobart Tasmania....(7 plays) 
Mary Ann Hunter Dr Mary Ann Hunter is a Senior Lecturer in Arts Education at the...(1 play) 

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