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Donna Jackson Dr Donna Jackson is a director, writer, teacher, consultant and arts...(1 play) 
Laura Jackson Laura Jackson is a writer, actor and singer, who completed her Bachelor of...(2 plays) 
Linda Jaivin Linda Jaivin is a novelist, journalist, translator and author of...(3 plays) 
Andrea James Andrea James graduated from LaTrobe University with a Bachelor of Art in...(4 plays) 
Noëlle Janaczewska Noëlle Janaczewska is a playwright, poet, essayist, and the author of The...(16 plays) 
Sasha Janowicz Stanislaw Janowicz (Sasha) was born and brought up in Minsk, Belarus. He...(1 play) 
Julie Janson Julie Janson works as a playwright, screenwriter, producer, script editor...(7 plays) 
Julia Jarel Julia Jarel has written a number of one-act plays which have all been...(2 plays) 
May Jasper May Jasper has been involved with a number of projects at La Mama Theatre...(1 play) 
Michael Jeffery "Excellent...the enigmatic, industry must-see..." Fiona Scott Norman, The...(4 plays) 
Robert Jeffreys A NIDA graduate, Robert Jeffreys has been a professional actor and a Drama...(4 plays) 
Robert Jenkins Robert Jenkins studied at the University of Western Sydney for a BA (Hons)...(1 play) 
Brad Jennings Brad Jennings is the Artistic Director of Markwell Presents. Brad has been...(2 plays) 
Rosemary Johns R. Johns (Rosemary) has a First-Class Honours Drama degree (Manchester...(4 plays) 
Christopher Johnson Christopher’s play 'The Young Tycoons' recently sold out two seasons...(2 plays) 
Colleen Johnson Colleen Johnson wrote the short play Welcome to Country as part of a...(1 play) 
Eva Johnson Eva Johnson was born in(1 play) 
Jeremy Johnson Jeremy is a NIDA graduate and works as a Director and Playwright in...(6 plays) 
Patricia Johnson Patricia Johnson is a Sydney-based playwright, screenwriter and author. ...(4 plays) 
Hayden Jones Hayden is a performer and contemporary performance maker, working across a...(1 play) 
Lisa Jones Other One-Act plays include ANGELLS AFFECTwhich was performed at various...(2 plays) 
Richard Jordan Richard Jordan is an award-winning Brisbane-based playwright, whose work...(3 plays) 
David Joseph DAVID JOSEPH is a professional multi-skilled physical performer with over...(1 play) 
Mark Juddery Mark Juddery has been a freelance writer for some 15 years. Previously a...(1 play) 

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