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Stephen Kakavoulis Stephen is an expatriate Greek/Australian currently living in Greece. He...(3 plays) 
Rita Kalnejais Rita Kalnejais studied acting at Victorian College of Arts, graduating in...(2 plays) 
Rashma N. Kalsie Rashma N. Kalsie is an Indian writer-playwright based in Australia. She...(1 play) 
Geire Kami Geire Kami is an actor, writer and producer who lives in Melbourne.(1 play) 
Ava Karuso Ava is a young playwright from Sydney. Her first writing credit was the...(1 play) 
Lally Katz Lally Katz is a graduate of the University of Melbourne’s School of...(7 plays) 
Phillip Kavanagh PHILLIP KAVANAGH is a playwright based between Adelaide and Sydney. His...(1 play) 
Barry Kay Barry Kay was brought up on a dairy farm in North West Tasmania. He...(8 plays) 
Colette F. Keen In January 2014 The Death of Kings, with the support of Positive Life NSW,...(2 plays) 
Daniel Keene Daniel has won six Premier’s Literary Awards and the Sydney Myer...(69 plays) 
Georgia Keighery Georgia Keighery’s affair with theatre has been long-running and saucy....(4 plays) 
Bruce Keller Bruce Keller was best known for his 1985 children's play PUPPY LOVE...(2 plays) 
Jenny Kemp Jenny Kemp is Writer and Artistic Director of Black Sequin Productions....(6 plays) 
Peter Kenna Peter Kenna (1930–1987) was one of thirteen children brought up in an...(2 plays) 
Stella Kent Plays by Launceston writer Stella Kent have been produced by the...(10 plays) 
Bryony Kerr Bryony Kerr is a 27 year old English and Drama teacher. She has been...(1 play) 
Michael Kile Michael kile is a writer with a special interest in the theatre, Jungian...(1 play) 
Fleur Kilpatrick Fleur is an award-winning playwright, a director, a dramaturge and arts...(2 plays) 
Margaret Kirby Margaret Kirby grew up in Geelong in an Anglican vicarage. She had her...(1 play) 
Frida Kitas Frida has a BA from the University of NSW and attended the NIDA...(1 play) 
Clara Klemski Clara has achieved the following in playwriting and theatre: A...(1 play) 
Victor Kline Victor Kline started his working life as Sydney's youngest barrister and...(1 play) 
Ingle Knight Ingle Knight has written more than 30 plays, musicals and films. Many of...(4 plays) 
Irene Korsten A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts (majoring in dramatic...(1 play) 
Robert Kronk Robert Kronk was born in Bundaberg in 1977 and studied Drama at the...(4 plays) 
Finegan Kruckemeyer Finegan has had 92 commissioned plays performed on six continents and...(13 plays) 

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