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Nick Parsons Nick Parsons is a gradu(1 play) 
Bruce Paterson Performed with Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Barking Gecko, Deckchair Theatre...(1 play) 
Theodore Patrikareas Theodore Patrikareas wa(1 play) 
Les Pearce Les Pearce is an English and Drama teacher at a senior secondary college...(2 plays) 
Bill Pearson Bill Pearson graduated from NIDA and worked as an actor and writer in...(5 plays) 
Brian Peddie Brian Peddie has led a life of creativity, innovation and...(1 play) 
Daryl Peebles Daryl Peebles has added much to Australia’s entertainment / comedy scene...(10 plays) 
Nicky Peelgrane Nicky Peelgrane is a teaching artist, actor, director and producer of...(1 play) 
Zoe Pepper ZOE PEPPER is a writer and director for film and theatre. She is drawn to...(2 plays) 
Barbara Pepworth Barbara Pepworth is a Sydney-based multi-award winning writer of plays,...(2 plays) 
Suneeta Peres da Costa BA in Communication with First Class Honours at UTS, Sydney & a Fullbright...(1 play) 
Eddie Perfect Eddie Perfect's television credits include Offspring, FOX8's Ultimate...(1 play) 
Sarah Peters Dr Sarah Peters is a playwright, theatre practitioner and Senior Lecturer...(2 plays) 
Michelle Pettigrove Michelle Pettigrove, best known for her long running role as Kate Bryant...(1 play) 
Marie Pezet Born in Mullumbimby, NSW. Graduated B.Sc. in 1946, majoring in Geology and...(1 play) 
Ngoc Phan Ngoc is an actor and playwright based in Brisbane. Some of her theatre...(1 play) 
Lachlan Philpott Lachlan Philpott is a Sydney based writer, dramaturg, teacher and dog...(14 plays) 
FF Piano (the pen name of Margot Hilton) Margot Hilton is a British-born Australian writer who also writes under...(1 play) 
David Pidd David Pidd is a graduate of the VCA. and has been working in theatre for...(1 play) 
Ruth Pieloor Ruth is an established performer both as an Actor (BA Theatre Nepean, Uni...(1 play) 
Maura Pierlot Maura Pierlot is an award-winning author and playwright who hails from New...(1 play) 
Shane Pike Shane is a writer/director based in Brisbane, Australia, and a Lecturer in...(2 plays) 
Steve Pirie Steve Pirie is a writer, theatre maker and youth arts worker. A graduate...(3 plays) 
Graham Pitts Graham Pitts is a former cook, builder's labourer, book-seller, teacher...(1 play) 
Diana Plater Diana Plater is a writer, journalist and consultant, based in Sydney. She...(1 play) 
David Pledger David Pledger is a contemporary artist, writer, curator, producer and...(2 plays) 
Abe Pogos Abe Pogos has been writing scripts for a range of mediums since graduating...(1 play) 
Katie Pollock Katie Pollock is a Sydney-based playwright. Her plays for theatre are...(4 plays) 
Maggie Power By a happy coincidence, Maggie Power was born in her favourite city,...(1 play) 
John Pratt John Pratt, a graduate of UWA, worked for many years as a professional...(1 play) 
Amanda Price Amanda Price is a full-time playwright living deep within the idyllic...(2 plays) 
Norman Price Norman Price, (playwright/director/actor/theatre scholar), graduated from...(4 plays) 
Scott Price Scott began working as a member of Theatre of Speed in 2005, with D9 (The...(2 plays) 
Kathy Prosser Kathy Possum (aka Kathy Prosser) started her musical journey at age 5...(1 play) 
Virginia Proud Virginia Proud is a Melbourne based actor, director and writer, who...(2 plays) 
Dr Grace Pundyk Dr. Grace Pundyk is a Melbourne-based artist, performer, author and...(1 play) 
Chris Puplick Chris Puplick was Liberal Senator for NSW 1979–81, 1984–90 and Shadow...(1 play) 
Leah Purcell LEAH PURCELL is a proud Goa-Gunggari-Wakka Wakka Murri woman from...(1 play) 
Malcolm Purcell Malcolm Purcell lives on the Gold Coast where he plays cricket for its...(2 plays) 

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