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Ramez Tabit Ramez Tabit is a VCA graduate who has performed for the stage, film and...(2 plays) 
Leigh Tabrett Leigh Tabrett was Director of the Office of Higher Education before being...(1 play) 
Evelyn Tadros Evelyn Tadros is a Creative Arts/Law student and an ardent actress and...(1 play) 
Peta Tait Peta Tait's recent works for performance include; 700 Positions (co-winner...(3 plays) 
Mij Tanith Plays professionally produced include Blind Circumstance Griffin Theatre...(1 play) 
Lian Tanner Lian Tanner is a freelance playwright and children's writer whose plays...(1 play) 
Nicole Tanzabel Nicole Tanzabel's career to date has focused on writing for amateur youth...(1 play) 
Roslyn Taylor Roslyn Taylor was born in Newcastle, NSW and has lived all her life in...(1 play) 
Ninna Tersman NINNA TERSMAN is an award-winning Swedish playwright, dramaturg and...(1 play) 
Ilbijerri Theatre Company Beautiful One Day was created by Ilbijerri Theatre Company, with the...(1 play) 
Chris Thompson Chris is a writer, director, artistic director and teacher. A former...(9 plays) 
Brian Tilley Brian began his work with Back to Back Theatre in 1995 as a member of...(1 play) 
Drew Tingwell Drew Tingwell graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts, School of...(2 plays) 
Mirra Todd An extensive director, playwright and dramaturg, Mirra has also created...(1 play) 
Georgie Todman Georgie Todman is a graduate of the School of Visual and Performing Arts...(1 play) 
Merlynn Tong Merlynn Tong is an Actor, Writer and Theatre-Maker. Most recently, Merlynn...(3 plays) 
Edwina Toohey Edwina Toohey is the author of three stage plays: 'Sketches of Harry',...(3 plays) 
Anna Tregloan Anna Tregloan conceives, directs and designs her own unique work receiving...(2 plays) 
Lewis Treston Lewis is an award-winning emerging playwright born in Queensland and based...(1 play) 
Kylie Trounson Kylie trained in acting at the Method Studio, London and the National...(1 play) 
Christos Tsiolkas Christos Tsiolkas is a published author, playwright and film script...(3 plays) 
Chris Tugwell Chris Tugwell is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and novelist....(2 plays) 
Richard Tulloch Richard Tulloch is as an actor and director who has written over twenty...(1 play) 
Wayne Tunks Wayne Tunks has spent the past 18 years making quality independent theatre...(8 plays) 
Hellie Turner Hellie Turner is an established West Australian playwright with numerous...(4 plays) 
Jo Turner Jo is a writer, director and actor. He is a graduate of Melbourne...(1 play) 

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