Producing a play


We’re thrilled that you’re considering a production of one of the many great plays listed on this site. Before producing or performing any play, however, you must obtain permission from the rightsholder.

You can initiate a production enquiry by going to the relevant play page on this website and clicking on the 'production rights' tab.  

TIP: Avoid leaving production rights to the last minute. It is a process that can sometimes take several weeks to finalise.



Production royalties

You will be required to pay production royalties, which can vary and must be negotiated with the playwright or the playwright's agent.


Applying for production rights

We're happy to assist with performance rights for any play listed on this site. We license many productions in-house and can put you in touch with the relevant playwright or agency if rights are managed elsewhere.

To start the ball rolling, simply hit the 'production rights' which can be found on the page of the play you're interested in producing. Note that submitting a production enquiry carries no obligation or commitment to proceed.


Making alterations

We strongly support playwrights' moral right to attribution and integrity. This means that any use of scripts sold on this site must acknowledge the playwright and preserve the integrity of the work in the form provided by the playwright. No alterations may be made to a script without first obtaining permission from the playwright or his/her agent. You can include any such requests when submitting our enquiry.


Plays with music

Some playscripts include music or sound recordings. Producers are advised to contact the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) for information on music licensing requirements.