Welcome to Red Door, a curated initiative of the Australian Plays.  

There are so many wonderful plays in the Australian Plays catalogue, it would be not only distasteful but also downright impossible to create a ‘best of’ type list. Having said that, with so many plays available, it’s important to us to keep drawing attention to the diversity and depth of the catalogue. 

Red Door is an evolutionary step in Australian Play’s longstanding tradition of collecting, promoting and distributing contemporary Australian playwriting. It chisels out a niche in the Australian Plays catalogue where a curator’s passion for particular plays can be shared and celebrated, discussed, challenged and interrogated. More than this, Red Door is also our playground for invention, technological innovation and all manner of creative geekery. In addition to wonderful playscripts, you may expect to find some neat bells and whistles when you venture through the Red Door.

Red Door is a long-term project and presents a selection of extraordinary, vivid and emotionally intense plays. Each one encapsulates, in its own way, the essence of fine theatre. These are plays that affected us profoundly as audience members and as  artists.  May they bring you as much pleasure as they have brought us.