Welcome to Red Door, a curated initiative of Australian Plays.  

The history of Australian theatre is one of forgetting. Works that aren’t published aren’t remembered, works that aren’t produced again fade away. Australian Plays treads the line between presenting the most exciting, cutting edge new Australian work and exploring plays that deserve a deeper read or further celebration. The Red Door series is thus a curator’s imprint – giving licence for the Literary Manager to focus deeply on such works.

Each is a work of startling and unique theatricality and all are deserving of multiple new productions. But Red Door is not just the script itself though – our published documents often include images, interviews, media and other ephemera surrounding the work – as much a part of the ‘text’ as anything in a PDF.

This is a long-term project and presents a selection of extraordinary, vivid and emotionally intense plays. Each one encapsulates, in its own way, the essence of fine theatre. These are plays that affected us profoundly as audience members and as artists.  I’m excited to continue this legacy and I hope you enjoy exploring these brilliant works.


John Kachoyan

Australian Plays Literary Manager