Rodney Seaborn call for entries

15 Aug 2012

Call for entries


Applications are invited for the Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award. This award is offered every year for the development of a play or other approved performing arts project (including film).

It is intended to provide income and support during the writing or development of a project or to assist with costs of production, workshops, restaging, publishing or touring.

From the award's website:

The Award was instituted by the Late Dr Rodney Seaborn in 1995 to encourage the development of performing arts projects emphasizing positive values such as faith, hope and love, and to counter what Dr Seaborn saw as an undue emphasis on the negative or less salutary aspects of life to be found in much contemporary performing arts projects. He wished it to be made known that these criteria be construed and interpreted in the widest possible sense.

This year's award will be valued at $20,000 and applications close on 3 October, 2012.

Go to the Seaborn Broughton & Walford Foundation's website for further information and to download the entry form.

Applications close, Wednesday, 3 October 2012.


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