by Melissa Cantwell
Production: JUTE. Photos: Michael Marzik.

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by Melissa Cantwell

A twisted tale of a mother’s bittersweet love for her only daughter.

Married to a chicken farmer and now a faded beauty queen, Marmalade takes command of Egg’s wedding, finding herself compelled to sabotage her own plans in a desperate bid to become the centre of attention. Events begin to unravel when Egg’s fiancé - an American fighter pilot - jets onto the scene. A fantastical and fabled look at love and loss, war and chickens.

' unusual concoction that is worth sampling... The beauty in this story is definitely in its telling, and Cantwell serves up some lovely little insights along the way.' Pier Leach, The West Australian, 22 Nov 2006

'Cantwell's script is part fairy-tale, part twisted black comedy. The text is filled with rich prose, poetic dialogue, plenty of humorous rhyming verse. Cantwell has taken a simple easy to follow storyline and twisted the tale into a bold, dark and insightful piece.' Aaron Beach, Xpress Magazine, 30 Nov 2006

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Western Australian Premier's Award (2006 nominee)

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