by David Mence

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by David Mence

Macbeth canst ne’er be slain by man nor sword,
For he hast now become an Undead Lord!

Macbeth Re-Arisen is a cerebral feast of a black comedy that picks up where Shakespeare left off, returning the usurping Scotsman to a rotten state, a decomposing Queen and a deadly confrontation that will have the Bard rolling in his grave…if he can stay dead!

"Writing an entire play in Elizabethan pentameter is a risky task but David Mence’s somewhat ludicrous script seamlessly leads on from the first installment. He mixes Shakespearean verse with cheesy horror-esque conventions and creates new characters, like the gothic Hecate and the golum-like Cripple No-toes. These along with old favourites are performed by a talented cast of Aussies who handle this well balanced farce with wit and respect. This chainsaw wielding Macbeth is worth seeing! 4 stars." - Greer Ogston, The List

"That’s right, he’s back! This wonderfully written Australian production adds the sequel to the original Macbeth. Back from the dead, zombie Macbeth and his wife lead their very own zombie army to try and prise Scotland away from the arms of King Malcolm. It’s immensely funny and keeps the audience tied to their seats as they follow him on his latest quest to become king. This is an adventurous production that is pulled off perfectly by an enthusiastic and talented cast. Think Shakespeare meets Shaun of the Dead ... William is probably turning in his grave; but only because he wishes he could have written it himself."- Three Weeks

“A cheeky original production that reflects a new generation of Australian humour.” - John Bell

“The writing is simply astounding.” - Edinburgh Guide

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