by Rosalba Clemente

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by Rosalba Clemente

There’s a hundred fire-breathing dragons and a million bees that will sting you to death and a red beast that will squish your dead body in its mouth like strawberries!

Eight-year-old Loo D’Oro is in touch with the grassiest of grass roots - sure, most vegetation is dead out where they live, but he’s got a party line to the insects and they know what’s coming... But his 11-year-old sister Helly might just know more. She dreams poetry. A great knight must return or this world will burn. Can her dreams save their sick dad and dying farm? As dreams and reality begin to collide, trees come to life, dead animals speak and Helly and Loo must face matters of life, death, insect revolutions and the slaying of the red beast!

Hilarious, touching, charming and inventive, this is a play for ages eight to one hundred and eight!

One of eight plays selected for the 2008 Playwriting Australia Festival

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National Play Festival Showcase

Recommended for schools

Rodney Seaborn Playwright's Award (2007 winner)

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