by Nic Velissaris
Photo by Angela Cole

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by Nic Velissaris

You’ve just turned 13, and it’s time for you to find a job. You’ve taken the government exam, and they’ve decided what job will be best for you for the rest of your life. And now you’ve taken the Pledge to promise to contribute to society. After all it’s for the greater good!

Only something’s gone wrong. Everybody who takes the Pledge is now mysteriously infected with an incurable disease, the Curse. And every teenager has lost their ability to imagine and dream. With the government not knowing what to do, and all the teenagers forced to live away from everybody else in quarantine camps, how will anybody find a cure to the Curse?

Jacomo, Agatha, Tilly and Remo think they have the answer ...

Wanderlands was commissioned by St Martins Youth Arts Centre, and was first produced by St Martins in 2008, directed by Sarah Austin.

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