by Patricia Cornelius

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by Patricia Cornelius

Only girls get called sluts. No, sometimes boys get called sluts but it’s like the biggest compliment. And sometimes girls try to own it. A girl might say, ‘Yeah, I’m a slut, and I love it.’ But in the end she’ll be worn down by it. It’s a no-win situation to be a slut no matter how much a girl thinks her life’s her own and she can do whatever she wants. A slut’s a slut. One young woman described it as being like a bag to piss in. Lolita is the queen of sluts. And she puts in an almighty fight to maintain her reign. Eventually she is hauled mercilessly from her throne.

Slut is a play with a central character, Lolita, and a chorus of young women who watch her rise and final devastating fall. It is adaptable to virtually any sized cast.

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Recommended for tertiary study

AWGIE Theatre for Young Audiences Award (2009 winner)

Richard Wherrett Award for Excellence in Playwriting (2009 winner)

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