by Catherine McKinnon

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by Catherine McKinnon

Tilt is an exploration of a question: How does terror influence the people we love and the tales we tell?

In the wake of a flood and civil unrest a woman gathers up her meagre belongings and, with her two young sons, leaves home and walks to the border. The woman hopes to make a new life in a different country but when she reaches the border everything changes. The woman disappears and the two brothers have to carry on alone, making their way as best they can, until a series of events cause them to lose each other.

Across the seas, in another country, an immigrant writer, Sharad, is beginning rehearsals on his play in a soon-to-be-completed theatre venue. It’s soon revealed that the story of the two brothers is the play Sharad has written, but confusion arises when the actors delve into the reality of their characters.

The narrative of Tilt is fragmented but the fragments collide, echoing each other to form a theatrical vision of the world we are creating. How can we love in a world full of fear? Does the fear of confronting ourselves destroy our most intimate relationships? Or, should some tales not be told?

Tilt asks these questions, investigating the humorous, sometimes frightening relationship between love and terror, truth and fiction.

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National Play Festival Showcase

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