by Daniel Keene

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by Daniel Keene

A young man dressed in his pajamas clutches a tiny bird to his chest. He speaks of dormitories and locked rooms. He dreams of escape.

He understands the capacity of the bird to be free. He imagines himself as the bird. He imagines that flight is possible. He clutches the bird, He cannot let it go.

Performed by the KTTP, Season 12, at the Beckett Theatre, C.U.B. Malthouse, February 20 - March 3, 2001. The evening was titled MYSTERIES and was a mash-up of five plays: Bearers of Light, A Foundling, O Jim, The Eyes and Flowers.

Director, Ariette Taylor; Designer, Adrienne Chisholm, Lighting, Phil Lethlean; Production/Stage Manager, David Presser, Choreographer, Jonathan Taylor.

Cast: Dan Spielman

This title appears in:

The Keene/Taylor Theatre Project

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