by Daniel Keene

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by Daniel Keene

Flowers is a duologue—a simple character study of opposites. An older man (Louis) is in a park, picking flowers. He is challenged by Jim: "That isn't allowed." In four pages, Keene evokes a strong mise-en-scene where one character takes what he wants with no thought of others and the other, far more aware of what is public and what is private, will not allow him to have his way easily.

O Jim is a monologue from the body and spirit of a dissociated man: "I have no light in me, I've gone dark." It becomes clear in the monologue that Jim, who we have met in Flowers, has an undisclosed psychiatric condition. His speech is raggedly poetic, visceral and despairing.

Daniel Keene's collaboration with director Ariette Taylor—the Keene/Taylor Theatre Project—was critically acclaimed both locally and overseas.

Flowers and O Jim were first performed as part of KTTP Season 12 in 2001. The evening was entitled Mysteries and was a mash-up of five plays: Bearers of Light, A Foundling, O Jim, The Eyes and Flowers.

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