by Daniel Keene

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by Daniel Keene

Two young men, Tex and Sugar, totally without ties to the world around them and without hope or purpose, plan a brutal attack on a drug dealer and his dog. They are aided by a younger boy whose only aim in life is to emulate their "cool" lifestyle.

Society has trashed these young men, and their only course of action is to prey on that rejecting world, and ultimately on each other.

This is an escalating portrayal of violence, mindless brutality and cruelty, tragically shadowed by the significant absence in the characters' lives - that of love.

Performed as part of the KTTP Season 13 at Span Gallery, 45 Downstairs 28 Jun - 14 July 2001. Three plays (The First Train, The Share and The Fire Testament) were performed under the title of The Choirbook.

Director, Ariette Taylor; Designer, Adrienne Chisholm; Lighting Designer, Philip Lethlean; Stage Manager, David Presser.

Cast: Jonathan Auf Der Heide, Jack Finsterer and Dan Spielman

This title appears in:

The Keene/Taylor Theatre Project

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