by Matthew Whittet

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by Matthew Whittet

Trevor is 12 years old. But he’s almost 13. He loves Megan. She’s not 11 anymore. And his best friend is a giant mouse… called Mousey. 12 is a coming of age story about first loves and the confusing, terrifying, exhilarating nature of first sexual experiences. It’s a world of blue light discos, wishing you could dance, 15 year old boys who think they know everything about girls and what they want, and 15 year old girls with minds full of tormenting lies.

Using the Greek myth of Orpheus in the Underworld, 12 is a fusing of myth and suburban banality. We watch as Trevor is thrust into his own version of the underworld, populated by a terrifying creature known as the Hairman, where he has to come face to face with his fears and kill the thing he loves the most in order to grow up. His innocence.

12 is a play which remembers what it was like to be 12.

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