by Michael Gow


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by Michael Gow

The myth of Orpheus has long inspired the western imagination. His journey to Hell to recover his wife, and the loss of his powers, give the myth a poignant message: we cannot escape death. Enraged by Zeus' infatuation with a Trojan shepherd-boy, Hera, Mother of the Gods, has her sights set on Orpheus, whose teachings she sees as responsible for the filth.

The Trojan War is the present: Andromache and Hector may be in any war-torn country. The Spartans, righteous and obsessed with power, lead a coalition of the willing against them and civilisation is on the brink. In Michael Gow's brilliant new comedy humans, Gods and history seem destined to repeat themselves.

Live Acts on Stage is an unforgettable roller-coaster of celestial history in which nine actors play twenty-nine characters in one and a half hours. The celebrated author of Away has written a poetic and savage comedy of love and renewal for an apocalyptic age.

"We are all a little divine..."

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Tom Healey in Conversation with Michael Gow about Live Acts on Stage:

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